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Sativa Seeds Jock Horror thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Jock Horror

Sativa Seeds Jock Horror Auto-flowering Seeds. Produced from a Northern Light male and a Skunk Haze Ruderalis Female, she stands short and stout with a rich coating of THC glands. Distinctive Sativa h
Sativa Seeds New York Power Diesel thumbnail

Sativa Seeds New York Power Diesel

Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough

Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough Feminized is a highly recognized medical strain thanks to its clear high and relaxing properties. An unusual plant covered in red hairs which can develop into blue in cool
Sativa Seeds Royal Flush thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Royal Flush

With Royal Flush, you never have to bluff to come out on top! A savage Sativa with a unique flavour, Royal Flush is a proven winner with a dangerous amount of power.
Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze

The Sativa Seedbank have crossed their Haze with Northern Light. This is a classic F1 hybrid.
Sativa Seeds Urban Poison thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Urban Poison

Sativa Selection Pack thumbnail

Sativa Selection Pack

These four Sativa strains are a perfect representation of the diversity and quality from these exotic parts of the world. These ultimate Sativas are PACKED with high THC levels, exotic flavors and motivational, uplifting and spiritual effects. These
Sativa Spirit thumbnail

Sativa Spirit

Nice long and big-sized frosty buds! Description: She is well adapted to indoor sea of green techniques and outdoors gives magnificent yields! It's a pleasure to smoke this delicious, delightful herb
Satori thumbnail


If you are looking for an almost ‘too easy to grow’ Sativa, then Satori from Mandala Seeds is what you’re after. In 2006, this strain was refined to be more reliable and even MORE powerful and should
Scooby Snacks thumbnail

Scooby Snacks

Senegal Haze thumbnail

Senegal Haze

Senegal Haze F1 is a powerful Sativa Cannabis strain based on the especially psychoactive Pure Senegal Sativa. The well known psychoactive Phoenix Haze exhibits African Hybrid vigour and produces a clear headed cerebral high.
Sensi Afghani #1 thumbnail

Sensi Afghani #1

Afghani #1 Combines the Best of the Hindu Kush

Painstakingly bred from the best landrace strains from the rugged Hindu Kush, Sensi Afghani #1 is a textbook Indica with dark green hues, intense power, hashy flavours & a pure couchlock stone.

  • Finishes in Just 45 Days - Incredibly Fast
  • Short, Compact & Very High Yielding
Big Bud thumbnail

Sensi Big Bud

Big Bud Says Go Big or Go Home!

For more premium smoke than you can handle, get Big Bud Seeds. These record-breaking cannabis seeds are even better than the clone-only version with enhanced power, improved aroma & absolutely perfect flavour.

  • Get Out the Tarps for These Babies - They Drip THC!
  • Only Needs 50 to 65 Days After the Flip - Very Fast
Sensi Seeds Early Girl thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Early Girl

This is a mostly Indica variety, one of the earliest in this collection. Very potent, medium yield, with a hashy taste and aroma. These compact plants will tend to grow to one main stem. An ideal choi
Sensi Seeds Indoor Mix thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Indoor Mix

Spice Up Your Life with Sensi's Indoor Mix!

Can you believe it? Sensi put 25 of their best indoor & greenhouse seeds together & slapped a crazy-low price on this bad boy! It's a random mix of mostly Indica strains so get ready for a few brilliant surprises.

  • 25 Top-Shelf Cannabis Seeds Optimized for Indoors
  • Mostly Indicas with a Few Cup-Winning Sativas
Sensi Seeds Jack Herer thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Jack Herer

Jack Herer Seeds Make the Best MMJ!

Check it out! Dutch pharmacies fill prescriptions for MMJ with genuine Jack Herer. That's an even better recommendation than JH's 9+ Cup wins. Buy yours today!

  • Unbelievably Thick Resin - Generous Yields
  • Soaring Head Highs + Earth-Shaking Body Stones
Sensi Seeds Silver Pearl thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Silver Pearl


This 3-way hybrid contains Early Pearl®, Skunk #1® and Northern Lights®. This hybrid is quicker and sweeter than the Shiva Skunk®. Excellent indoor and greenhouse results.

Sensi Seeds Super Skunk thumbnail

Sensi Seeds Super Skunk

Made for the most insane Skunk lover, Sensi Seeds Super Skunk is an even stinkier version of this old-school classic! With an extra helping of Afghani Hash Plant, Super Skunk took first place for best
Sensi Skunk thumbnail

Sensi Skunk

A strong plant with that typical Skunky taste and high. It has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio with large, full buds (donkey dicks). Its excellent yield makes this one an absolute must for the indoor and g
Sensi Star thumbnail

Sensi Star

This hybrid is a great indoor plant. She produces powerful, resinous and very compact buds. The dense, sweet aroma speaks for itself. One of worlds best. It is breathtaking and gets you stoned to the

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