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Tranquil Elephantizer thumbnail

Tranquil Elephantizer


Enjoy Tranquil Elephantizer with someone you love! Described by Bodhi Seeds as their sensual couchlocker, this cannabis seed is your gateway to midnight magic.

  • 1988 G13 Hashplant X Snow Lotus
  • Medium Heights - X-High THC
Trinity Kush thumbnail

Trinity Kush

Trinity Kush is a Rock-Solid Old-School Weed Seed

Bursting with old-school goodness, Trinity Kush is named in honour of Trinity County located right next door to the infamous Humboldt. You'll love this classic mellow Indica!

  • Proven Mix of 76 Afghan & Master Kush
  • 8-9 Weeks, Short & Stout, 90% Indica
True Blueberry thumbnail

True Blueberry

Expressing the strongest blueberry characteristics, Dj Short’s True Blueberry is the ultimate hybrid that was selected for its superior quality and characteristics. This hybrid contains great aspects
Tsi Fly thumbnail

Tsi Fly

Oozing with luscious apricot flavour, Tsi Fly is a real treat! This C4/Cindy 99 backcross pumps out rock-hard, golf-ball-sized nuggs on her short, bushy structure. If you’re looking for a small Indica
Turkish Passion thumbnail

Turkish Passion

Twenty Seven thumbnail

Twenty Seven

Twilight thumbnail



Ultra Skunk thumbnail

Ultra Skunk


UltraViolet OG thumbnail

UltraViolet OG

Valley Girl thumbnail

Valley Girl

Vanilluna thumbnail


Vanilluna grows medium to tall with short nodes, large dark green leaves, thick and sturdy hollow stems, and tight spear spade shaped flowers that are quite dense, elongated and swolled with calyxes c
Vietnam Black x Thai Regular Seeds thumbnail

Vietnam Black x Thai Regular Seeds

Voodoo thumbnail



Voodoo is a mysterious strain that really isn’t that mysterious actually meaning that it doesn’t throw growers for any loops. It is a pretty easy Cannabis variety to cultivate.

Walkabout thumbnail


A selection of mixed outdoor strains with all genetics of supreme sources including Thai, Haze, Indian, Early Skunks, Mexicans and New Guinea.
Warlock thumbnail



Capable of an incredible 29% THC, Warlock is the founding member of the Magus Genetics collection. A stunning Indica-dominant cannabis seed with Sativa-like features, Warlock has won several times at the Cups.

Western Winds thumbnail

Western Winds

With an invigorating buzz and a spiritual essence, Western Winds is a Haze lover’s wet dream. Whether you’re itching for a night filled with conversation or something a little more erotic, Western Win
Where’s My Bike thumbnail

Where’s My Bike

Where’s My Bike is a mix of my prize-winning Amnesia cut crossed with my selected Biker Kush male (HA-OG BX1). The Biker male changed the THC profile, giving it smaller trichomes.
White Beelze Bubba LTD thumbnail

White Beelze Bubba LTD

White Beelze Bubba LTD is a multi-hybrid of Bubba Kush, Biker Kush, and White OG V2.0. Mostly broad-leafed plants come from his cross and most have good side-branching.
White Biker LTD thumbnail

White Biker LTD

White Biker LTD is the original HA OG (Hells’ Angels’ OG) cut crossed with my White OG V2.0 male. The offspring are an easier to grow OG-Kush Hybrid that gives impressive yields.
White Castle thumbnail

White Castle

A potent white strain, White Castle has kept the icy features of its White Widow mom while pumping up the volume thanks to an Ice dad. True to its Indica/Sativa genetics, White Castle impacts the mind
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