Silver Kush
Add a little joy to your life with Silver Kush Feminized! This Sativa-dominant hybrid is uplifting and fun with just a touch of physical power. Live life to the fullest with Silver Kush Feminized, a velvety smooth, extra powerful cannabis seed!
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    Free shipping and seeds


    How long has it been since you laughed your ass off? If it’s been awhile, it’s time to add Silver Kush to your collection. This uplifting Sativa-dominant hybrid will boost your mood while it blows your mind!

    Reserva Privada created this delicious strain by mixing two potent champions, Silver Bubble and The OG #18! With this kind of proven power, it’s no wonder Silver Kush Feminized is a world-wide favourite!

    • Silver Bubble X The OG #18 – Two Potent Cup Champions!
    • 450 to 550 gr/m2 in a Mere 9 Weeks
    • Uplifting & Medicinal Power!
    • A Must-Have for Sativa Lovers

    Silver Kush Feminized Seeds are definitely perky, but they also have a more serious side. With a double dose of medicinal power, Silver Kush makes you feel better on every single level!

    At Rhino Seeds, all our beans including Silver Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds are 100% genuine and prices to sell! Pair this with our super-fast delivery, discreet packaging and extra-friendly customer service and you’ve just found your new home. Settle in and enjoy the ride!

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    Once part of DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada now represents the very-best cannabis seed producers from the West Coast of the United States. Although the majority of these seductive strains were originally bred in California, the scope of this private collection extends up and down the entire length of the western seaboard. Within this small, exclusive selection of impressive strains, you'll find the most sought-after cannabis seeds in the world including Cup-winning Kosher Kush, legendary OG Kush and the highly prized Purple Wreck. If your primary objective is the highest level of connoisseur quality, you can depend on Reserva Privada marijuana seeds!