Apollo 13 Indica
Apollo 13 Indica matures at near warp speed! This resinous beauty produces super-sticky, stash-busting yields in just 7 short weeks. A scrumptious cross of Genius and P75, Apollo 13 is a pungent super star!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Extra pungent and oh-so-sticky, Apollo 13 Indica is one of the most popular phenotypes derived from crossing Genius with P75. To complete the set, don’t forget to pick up a few Apollo 13 Sativa Seeds, too!

    True to its name, Apollo 13 Indica is known for a heavy stone that works on the body much more than the mind. If you’re in dire need of extreme relaxation, Apollo 13 is your cannabis seed!

    • Genius X P75
    • Indica-Dominant Version
    • Very Relaxing and Laid Back
    • High Yielding and Resinous – Extra Sticky

    This high-yielding strain travels at warp speed. You can expect Apollo 13 Indica to finish the race for space in as little as seven short weeks. Instead of twiddling your thumbs, use this time to collect plenty of storage bins – you’ll need ‘em!

    Don’t worry if your Apollo 13 Indica Seeds don’t look like this description – they’re not supposed to. Rhino Seeds sells collectibles only. Cultivation and germination are still illegal in the UK and most other countries.

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