Presidential OG
Presidential OG combines sweet Bubble Gum with luxurious Kush to breathe new life into this ancient breed. Not nearly as couchlocking as OG Kush, Presidential OG delivers long-lasting physical relaxation that you can live with. She's destined to be the next world leader!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Bubble Gum X Kush
  • Fast 7-Week Finish
  • Nearly Pure Indica
  • Buy Presidential OG!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Presidential OG - The New Leader of the Weed World!


Totally new school, Presidential OG Feminized freshens up Kush with a rich infusion of ultra-sweet Bubble Gum. This modern cannabis seed is not nearly as devastating as OG Kush. Instead, it's a great all-purpose smoke for deep physical relaxation rather than knock-out stones.

Presidential OG Seeds only need about 7 weeks of finish to deliver 500 gr/m2 of sweet, rocky nuggs inside. Outdoors, you're totally dependent on the climate; high moisture levels can wreak all kinds of havoc including mould & rot.

  • Presidential OG is a 90% Indica Hybrid!
  • Hard-Hitting, Long-Lasting, Deeply Physical Stones
  • Bubble Gum X Kush - Extra Sweet & Extra Strong
  • Lowest Prices, Discreet Packaging, Fast Deliveries

In the UK, inside is definitely the best with Presidential OG Cannabis Seeds. Lucky for you, they're short & very manageable with practically no stretch for great performance in the smallest spaces.


Overall, Royal Queen Seeds Presidential OG smells much sweeter than the typical Kush with a flavour to match. She's a definite keeper - order yours today for the best prices in the UK, guaranteed!

This description of Presidential OG Cannabis Seeds was written using original material provided by Royal Queen Seeds. Learn more at our disclaimer page.

3 Seeds
5 Seeds
10 Seeds
Flowering Time
9-12 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Yield Notes
500 gr/m2
Flowering Outdoors
Height Notes
80 to 100 cm
Sativa/Indica Notes
10% Sativa: 90% Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
9 to 10 Weeks
Cannabis Genetics
Bubble Gum X Kush

If you're looking for top-quality smoke that gleams with resin, buy Presidential OG Cannabis Seeds. New for 2013, Royal Queen Seeds forecasts that this will be one of the most popular all-purpose strains for this year. Order today & be one of the first to try this amazing Indica-dominant hybrid!

If you live in the UK, it's perfectly legal to buy Presidential OG for preservation or collection purposes. However, any other activity including cultivation & germination is strictly illegal. Stay safe out there - The Rhino's bail budget just ran out! For more about this subject, check out our disclaimer page.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Bubble Gum X Kush
  • Fast 7-Week Finish
  • Nearly Pure Indica
  • Buy Presidential OG!

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Presidential OG is an Indica-dominant cannabis seed developed for the Royal Queen Seeds' line. The Royal Queen Seeds brand is universally recognized as one of the best sources for authentic Dutch feminized seeds. All stock is 100% organic & factory-sealed in unique breeder packs to ensure the highest level of freshness. Fill your collection with genuine Royal Queen Seeds - Order today!