Northern Lights 9

Just when you thought the NL family couldn’t possibly get any better, Sagarmatha releases Northern Lights #9. This much-improved indoor strain is even stealthier than the original. With barely any odour to clue in the local busybodies, Northern Lights #9
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Can’t get enough Northern Lights? Then check out the new kid on the block, Northern Lights #9! This baby has everything that’s great about the NL clan, but it’s all been magnified about a zillion times. The flavour is better, the smell has been practically erased and the nuggs are morbidly obese!

NL is the classic indoor strain that everyone recommends to beginners, and NL#9 is no exception. This improved strain is still easy to manage, but Northern Lights #9 Seeds barely smell at all. This is a great choice for anyone who’s keeping it on the down low!

  • Northern Lights #9 is Better than the Rest!
  • Short & Stocky with Big, Chubby Nuggs – 325 gr/m2 Dried!
  • Heavy, Narcotic Stones – Perfect for Taking the Edge Off
  • Lemony Flavour & Barely Any Smell

Sagarmatha Seeds Northern Lights #9 is a short, stocky cannabis seed with both Indica and Sativa genetics. The stones hit hard and deliver a narcotic punch that leaves you feeling completely relaxed and ready to hang out with your mates.

With a 55-day finish, lemony Northern Lights #9 Seeds aren’t the fastest bean in the bag, but they’re not too shabby. The average height is well under a meter making the yield surprisingly large for this modest size. If you treat NL#9 just right, you can get up to 325 gr/m2 of cured smoke out of this potent marijuana seed!


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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Flowering Time ? 7-8 weeks
Medical ? Yes
Height notes Under .75 Meters
Yield Notes 325 Grams Dried
Greenhouse ? Yes
Named for the frosty peaks of Mt. Everest, nothing takes you higher than Sagarmatha Seeds! With more than 20 years of experience, this Amsterdam breeder offers the most impressive line of cannabis seeds in regular, feminized and automatic formats. Every single one is 100% organic and propagated in indoor grow rooms under the strictest environmental and quality controls. Why not join Sagarmatha Seeds' “Plant the Seed” movement and help spread world peace through sharing of the weed?