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Blue Thunder thumbnail

Blue Thunder

Blending the proven Blueberry and the famous Matanuska Tundra resulted in one of our most important and flavorful hybrids. This giant produces large, tight, aromatic buds with an uplifting high. The t
Blueberry Bud thumbnail

Blueberry Bud

Blueberry Bud can only be described as fruitastic! An intense Indica with unforgettable stones & lush flavours, Blueberry Bud is a brilliant choice.
Bubbleberry thumbnail


Bursting with flavour & happy highs, BubbleBerry is one of the Rhino’s favourite Sagarmatha strains! A true delicacy, BubbleBerry is an exquisite cannabis seed that’ll make you smile with joy. This in
Diamond Head thumbnail

Diamond Head

Our Flow and a wonderful crystal-laden beauty from the Big Island have been united to form a powerful purple pineapple plant that will please any big kahoona. Sagarmatha Diamond Head flavor has a sat
Early Riser thumbnail

Early Riser

Sagarmatha Seeds Early Riser has been specially developed for outdoor - this is a fast maturing high yeilding strain which has an unsual minty aroma.
Flow thumbnail


The original sativa Flo is crossed with a pure Indica, Matanuska Tundra, and so we arrrived at this dynamite F1 hybrid. This very unique Indica-Sativa F1 hybrid produces a larger, vigorous plant with
Gardener`s Choice thumbnail

Gardener`s Choice

Random mix of Sagarmatha seeds. These seeds are collected from the same stock as our premier seeds and research stock used in producing our end products.The genetic information has not been compromize
Kwik Kali thumbnail

Kwik Kali

Kwik Kali is a new hybrid that combines our award-winning ‘Western Winds' (Kali Mist) with the soon-to-be-legedary Stuporsonic, a super-fast flowering sativa. Kwik Kali has a shorter flowering period
Mangolian Indica thumbnail

Mangolian Indica

A sister to Slyder, this variety produces a 50% indica 50% sativa with a fantastic mango bouquet. She is similar to Slyder in potency, but she is much more fragrant. The stone is long lasting and leth
Matanuska Mint thumbnail

Matanuska Mint

As refreshing as a quick skinny dip on a hot summer day, Matanuska Mint’s frosty flavour is a welcome change of pace! Coated in icy crystals, you’ll get an intense rush as soon as Matanuska Mint cross
Matanuska Tundra thumbnail

Matanuska Tundra

If you’re not careful, Matanuska Tundra will bury you in an avalanche of icy nuggs and out-of-control power. Don’t let the chocolate-scented aroma fool you! Matanuska Tundra is not for the faint of he
Northern Lights 9 thumbnail

Northern Lights 9

Just when you thought the NL family couldn’t possibly get any better, Sagarmatha releases Northern Lights #9. This much-improved indoor strain is even stealthier than the original. With barely any odo
Peak 19 thumbnail

Peak 19

Peak 19 was the original western name for Mt. Everest. With similar magnitude and strength as the majestic mountain herself inspires, F1 hybrid Peak 19 will fulfill your cannabis desires. The potency
Slyder thumbnail


This Indica plant produces dense, crystallized buds with a strong aroma. Originally developed from seeds obtained in Afghanistan, the strain was crossed with a potent Northern Light to make it possibl
Special K thumbnail

Special K

Sagarmatha Seeds Special K (Kali) was the first cross using Western Winds. With a high THC rating 18% and large girthy colas, she proved to be a favorite of many of our (Hazy) customers. Flowertops a
Stonehedge thumbnail


Shed you inhibitions at the alter of Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge. A fitting tribute to a more savage time, Stonehenge Cannabis Seeds are filled with raw Sativa power and an overwhelming high that push
Strawberry D-Lite thumbnail

Strawberry D-Lite

Looking for pure pot perfection? Check out Strawberry D-Lite, the ultimate mix of scrumptious Strawberry Cough & legendary NYC Diesel! Strawberry D-Lite is guaranteed to fill the entire room with a lu
Stupersonic Auto thumbnail

Stupersonic Auto

Perfected in Sweden, Stupersonic Auto puts out a ton of tasty blaze even if the season is short or the weather is harsh. For a super-fast autoflowering seed with highs that’ll blow your mind, give Stu
Thunderbolt thumbnail


Thunderbolt is Sagamartha's cross of Yumboldt and Matanuska Tundra. Yields are good and flowering times quoted as under 7 weeks! A medium sized plant with good strength delving and an old school buz
Western Winds thumbnail

Western Winds

With an invigorating buzz and a spiritual essence, Western Winds is a Haze lover’s wet dream. Whether you’re itching for a night filled with conversation or something a little more erotic, Western Win
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Sagarmatha Seeds Takes Collecting to a Higher Level!

Ready for a grand-tour of the Sagarmatha Seed Bank? The Rhino would love to whisk you away to Amsterdam where the weed flows wild and free – and the friendly guys at Sagarmatha would probably light one up with you, but this’ll have to do! Sit back and enjoy this virtual tour of some of the world’s best connoisseur strains.

One of Sagarmatha’s latest strains is definitely one of their best! Yumbolt is a potent throwback to 1970s California! The weed that put humble Humboldt County on the map is back with a vengeance, and it’s better than ever. It still has that same great old-school flavour and aroma, but we’ve never seen a coating of trichomes that’s this thick or this sticky!

  • Sagarmatha Seeds – 20 Years of Exceptional Breeding Experience
  • An Amazing Variety of Powerful Strains
  • Spreading Peace & Joy through Superior Cannabis Seeds
  • Every Single Bean is 100% Guaranteed by the Rhino!

Next, let’s take a trip to the tropical islands of Hawaii for Sagarmatha SeedsDiamond Head. This rich Sativa from the Big Island offers soaring highs and a sweet flavour that’ll make your taste buds stand up and pay attention. The high is pretty awesome too. It sends you flying before settling into a meditative buzz.

Finally, Mongolian Indica takes us to the far east for something a little more exotic. This potent cannabis seed will get you stoned out of your mind, but what you’ll remember forever is the sweet mango flavour that accompanies the lush, smooth smoke.

Every single strain in the Sagarmatha Seeds line-up has been designed to bring peace, serenity and pleasure to the world at large. Why not join them in discovering the lovely cerebral views that only the finest cannabis seeds can provide?

Order Your Very Own Set of Brilliant Sagarmatha Seeds from Rhino Seeds today!

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Blue Thunder

Dr Hoven, 10 August 2007