Pink Salad Auto
Fruit Salad mixes it up with PinkBud to create the insanely popular Pink Salad for mostly pink phenos, a few purples and hardly any green. The lovely colour show is topped only by the rich, multi-layered flavours and scents this hard-to-find autoflowering seed delivers. You'll love this one!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Fruit Salad X PinkBud
  • Pinks, Purples & Greens
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Free shipping and seeds

Extremely Fruity - Strawberry/Blackberry All The Way to Tart Green Apple

Yum! If Pink Salad Auto Seeds' colourful exterior doesn't draw you in, the wide range of exotic aromas will. Just think, with a full pack of 12, you'll could have a total fruit freak out - and that's a good thing!

This intense mix of Fruit Salad & Pinkbud gets its intense colour from both classic Mazar and legendary Blueberry, and there's even a little NYC Diesel thrown in for more intense flavour. Ready in 70 days or less from seed, you'll never get tired of super-intense Pink Salad Automatic!

  • Pink Salad Auto Loves SOG But Does Well Anywhere
  • 15-30 gr/seed in 60-70 Days Under Awesome Conditions
  • Most Are Pink, Some Are Purple, Green is Very Rare

Secret Garden Seeds is known for experimenting with elite genetics to create vividly coloured high-performance autoflowering seeds - just like Pink Salad Auto. When they say this one does best in SOG, you can trust they know their stuff - just like when they say it does great in any other environment. It's a versatile choice you'll truly enjoy from the initial start to final finish.

Under optimal conditions, Pink Salad Autoflowering Seeds are capable of producing up to 30 gr/seed of smooth, uplifting smoke - perfect for daytime but mellow enough for evenings too. These cannabis seeds stay will within drarf-sized range (under 50 cm) and get it done in 70 days or less. Perfect!

This Secret Garden Seeds Pink Salad Auto review is based on the original breeder description. For more information, check out our disclaimer page.

12 Seeds
Flowering Time
Yield Notes
15 to 30 gr/m2
Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
Height Notes
35 to 50 cm
Strain Notes
Uplifting for Daytime, Mellow for Night
Flowering Time Notes
60 to 70 Days from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Fruit Salad X Pink Bud - Mazar, Blueberry, NYC Diesel

Looking for something different? Check out Pink Salad Auto Cannabis Seeds! In this case, green is rare and pink & purple are the norm. Yields are high, power is awesome & the quality is top notch making this a well-rounded choice. You will not be sorry you picked this elite automatic seed.

When you buy Pink Salad Auto, you'll get high quality, high yields, high power & just plain high! Secret Garden Seeds focuses on producing the very best genetics at the fairest prices on the planet - and that's what Rhino Seeds seeks to do as well. It was a match made in weed heaven!

Don't forget cultivation & germination remain illegal in most places. Please see our disclaimer page for more information.

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Fruit Salad X PinkBud
  • Pinks, Purples & Greens
  • Buy Pink Salad Auto Now!

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Pink Salad Auto is a vividly coloured cannabis seed created by Secret Garden Seeds. This new breeder is burning up the fully autoflowering seed market with high-yielding genetics that go well beyond anything we've ever seen before - and the prices are incredibly low. Don't miss out!