Sensi Afghani #1

A Textbook Indica with Frightening Resin Levels

Sensi Afghani #1 is everything a great Indica should be. Created by combining the best landrace strains from the Hindu Kush, these cannabis seeds are fast, compact, potent & covered in an insane amount of gooey resin. If you're a hash lover, get ready to stunned & amazed! This is the real deal.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 95% Indica
  • Rapid 45 Day Finishes
  • A True Classic
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    This Potent Indica Finishes in Just 45 Days!

    Don't have time to f*ck around? Pick up a few Sensi Afghani #1 Seeds & be done in a flash! Once you make the flip, these cannabis seeds only take a little more than 6 weeks. Amazing!

    If you looked up Cannabis Indica in the dictionary, you should see a big picture of Sensi Afghani #1. This is the epitome of the breed with verdant green colours, heavy yields & a hashy essence. If you're a couchlock fan, you'll love these beauties!

    • Sensi Afghani #1 is the Real Thing!
    • Fast, Heavy & Insanely Resinous
    • Incredible Hash Strain
    • Very Easy - Beginner Friendly

    Sensi Afghani #1 Cannabis Seeds need very little space to complete their extra-heavy yields. They're incredibly compact - the perfect choice for any small space including closets, patios or cabinets.

    Practically every Indica hybrid contains a little Sensi Afghani #1 genetics. Why settle for less when you can have more? Buy the original knock-out today!

    This description of Sensi Afghani #1 Cannabis Seeds was writing using original material provided by Sensi Seeds. You can find out more by reading our disclaimer page.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Flowering Time ? 6-7 weeks
    Height notes 100-130cm
    Yield ? Good
    Yield Notes upto 125gr
    Sensi Afghani #1 is a classic cannabis seed developed by the Sensi Seed Company. Based in weed-friendly Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds has satisfied the needs of their loyal international customer base for over two decades with exceptional regular & feminized seeds. Go for your own gold with genuine Sensi Seeds.