American Dream
Take a big bite out of the one & only American Dream! Named in honour of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, this mixed hybrid will outperform your wildest fantasies with extreme quality & even better quantity. These Regular seeds truly are an American Dream come true!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Massive Yields
  • Incredible Quality
  • Fast 45-50 Day Finish
  • Get American Dream Now!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

The American Dream is Still Going Strong at the Sensi Seedbank!

Because every generation was better than the last, Sensi Seeds named this incredible mix American Dream. Fully refined to the utmost peak of perfectin, these cannabis seeds give everyone a stonking big piece of the pie!

American Dream Seeds are fairly compact with very impressive yields after a rapid 45-50 day finish. They're plenty sturdy, but the hefty, fist-sized nuggs are weighty enough to bend even the strongest frame. Get ready for a real windfall!

  • American Dream Combines Connoisseur Quality with Commercial Yields
  • Large Yields & Compact Size - the Perfect Combo for Indoors
  • Vigorous, Potent & Extremely Reliable
  • Afghani Skunk X Hawaiian & Jamaican Sativas

The quantity is definitely there, and so is the quality. American Dream Cannabis Seeds are incredibly dank & potent with a thick coating of hair & a shining layer of slick, sticky goo. These bedazzled beauties give it their all with an outlandishly good mix of silly highs & stress-relieving stones.

Sensi Seeds American Dream is a premium blend of Afghani Skunk & Sativas from Jamaica & Hawaii. These standard cannabis seeds have a very pungent, almost earthy flavour with brighter notes of tropical fruity. They're great for any environment including SOG.

This description of American Dream Cannabis Seeds is based on information provided by Sensi Seeds. Read Rhino Seeds' disclaimer page to learn more.

Flowering Time
6-7 weeks
Yield Notes
upto 100gr indoors, upto 500gr outdoors
Flowering Outdoors
Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
Height Notes
100-125 indoors,125+ outdoors
Sativa/Indica Notes
Mainly Indica 70%
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
45-50 days
Cannabis Genetics
Afghani Skunk X Jamaican & Hawaiian Sativas

Buy American Dream Cannabis Seeds & prove that dreams really do come true! This incredible hybrid delivers an extreme level of euphoria combined with intense relaxation in as little as 45 days after the flip. The quality is amazing & so is the overall volume. You won't believe how good she really is!

It's perfectly legal in the UK to buy American Dream, but it's a crime to germinate or cultivate any cannabis seed. To learn more about the official Rhino Seeds policy, our disclaimer page.

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Massive Yields
  • Incredible Quality
  • Fast 45-50 Day Finish
  • Get American Dream Now!

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American Dream is a high-performance cannabis seed developed by the Sensi Seeds brand. A long-standing Dutch seedbank, Sensi Seeds offers a smashing line of regular & feminized marijuana seeds based on an elite gene pool. For top-quality weed seeds, always go with authentic Sensi Seeds!