Where the Body Ends & the Mind Begins!

Durban is a purely euphoric Sativa with 100% mental effects that can only be described as a near out-of-body experience. If you need a lift, try this stunner! Known as Durban Poison in its native land, this strain is one of the most in-demand breeds through out the world. Get yours now!
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  • 90% Sativa
  • 50-70 Day Finish
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    Sensi Seeds Durban Breaks the Sativa Mold!

    Durban isn't anything like those fussy Sativas that scare the bejeezus out of everyone. This amazing South African Sativa is sturdy & reliable in even the worst conditions, & they finish in a very respectable 50 to 70 days after the flip.

    In its native land, Durban Seeds, AKA Durban Poison, is extremely popular with both the locals & the international market. So popular in fact, that it's produced by the ton. We promise you'll love it, too!

    • Durban Tastes Like Lemon and Anise
    • Extremely Strong - Moderation is Recommended
    • Overload Can Result in a Narcotic Effect
    • 90% Sativa with a 50-70 Day Finish

    So, what makes Durban Cannabis Seeds Africa's best export? How about the first-rate high that separates your head from your body in about 2 seconds? Hope you're not afraid of heights!

    Sensi Seeds Durban is almost exactly the same as the original sub-tropical Sativa only it's been slightly enhanced to tolerate cool to cold temps like we see in the UK. Lucky you!

    This description of Durban Cannabis Seeds is based on Sensi Seeds' information. Take a look at our disclaimer page to learn more.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Flowering Time ? 7-9 weeks
    Height notes 150-200 cm.
    Flowering Outdoors end of September
    Yield ? Good
    Yield Notes up to 400 gr.
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Durban is a near-pure African Sativa cannabis seed sold by Sensi Seeds. Based in Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds is an important player in the Dutch cannabis seed trade with a full-blown catalog of regular and feminized marijuana seeds. Buy your genuine Sensi Seeds today!