Early Pearl
Sensi Seeds developed Early Pearl in the 80s to give Northern European collectors a workable option for an awesome outdoor Sativa. Early Pearl does just as well in short, cold summers as many Indicas. Make it happen with these robust cannabis seeds!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 75% Sativa
  • Early Finishes
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Free shipping and seeds

Early Pearl Braves the Cold Summers Without So Much as a Shiver!

Years ago, outdoor collections weren't even an option for Northern Europe. Sensi Seeds changed that with their Early series including Early Pearl Seeds. Since this powerhouse hit the market in the 80s, it's delivered yield after frosty yield of massive, resin-encrusted nuggs. Now, that's proven!

Early Pearl Cannabis Seeds finish extremely fast for a 75% Sativa only needing about 50 to 70 days on average. These rapid powerhouses deliver Indica yields, soaring Sativa highs & a unique vibrancy that no other weed seed can match.

  • Early Pearl Only Needs 7 to 10 Weeks of Finish
  • Bright Sativa Head Highs & Extremely Frosty Nuggs
  • Delivering Mass Quantities of the Good Stuff Since the 80s
  • Does Well in Colder Climates with Short Seasons

Outdoors, Early Pearl is so vigorous that it can go from tiny bean to towering tree right before your eyes - kind of like Jack's magic beanstalk. You'll have to see it to believe it!

If you like Sensi Seeds Early Pearl, you have to check out the rest of the Early series including Early Skunk and Sensi Seeds Early Girl. You can get both weed seeds right here at Rhino Seeds for a brilliant price!

This description of Early Pearl Cannabis Seeds was written using the breeder specs created by Sensi Seeds. Check out our disclaimer page to learn more.

Recommended Outdoor
Flowering Time
7-9 weeks
Yield Notes
up to 400 gr.
Flowering Outdoors
end of September
Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
Height Notes
200-300 cm.
Sativa/Indica Notes
75% Sativa
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
50-70 days
Average - Tall

Buy Early Pearl Cannabis Seeds and do what you do in the great outdoors! Developed in the 1980s specifically for cold, northern climates, this is the absolute best Sativa for the UK - it finishes fast, yields high & will blow your mind with proven power. This is a must-have for any Brit Sativa lover!

Just because you can legally buy Early Pearl in the UK doesn't mean you can germinate or cultivate these cannabis seeds. Rhino Seeds sells all products for collection purposes only & doesn't encourage or promote any illegal activity. To find out more, read our disclaimer page.

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 75% Sativa
  • Early Finishes
  • Buy Early Pearl Today!

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Early Pearl is a premium outdoor cannabis seed developed by Dutch-based Sensi Seeds. Sensi Seeds is a well-established breeder with a full line of regular and feminized cannabis seeds covering a wide range of in-demand features. Do yourself a favour & fill your collection with Sensi Seeds!