Hash Plant

Up for the Hash Plant Challenge?

In less than a single spliff, Sensi Seeds' Hash Plant totally annihilates even the most hardcore stoners! Survive the Hash Plant challenge with most of your brain cells intact & get something much better than a stupid T-shirt - killer bragging rights & a boatload of the most devastating smoke on the planet!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 40-45 Day Finish
  • 90% Indica
  • Huge Yields
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    Sensi Seeds' Hash Plant Finishes In Just 40 Days!

    Call up Guinness & Ripley's and get a new spot ready in The Rhino Hall of Fame! Hash Plant is definitely one cannabis seed fit for the record books. It finishes in as little as 40 days after the flip while still pumping out the yield, THC & resin like a champ. It's totally insane but absolutely true!

    To create this marvel of modern genetic engineering, Sensi Seeds crossed the original Hash Plant Seeds with Northern Lights #1 & then backcrossed that stunner with Hash Plant again. That finishing touch pushed this little resin-factory straight into hyper drive!

    • Hash Plant is a Super-Producer with Extreme Resin Content
    • A Prime Example of Fine Afghani Genetics from the Hindu Kush
    • Huge Yields, Fast Finishes, Devastating Power
    • Keep These Beauties Indoors in the UK & Northern Climates

    If you want maximum power & total devastation, Hash Plant Cannabis Seeds always deliver! These potent little THC bombs knock out even the most dedicated Dutch tokers in less than a single spliff. This is the sh*t!

    Sensi Seeds Hash Plant is a big yielder with dense, tight, resin-encrusted buds that smell like the richest Afghani mixed with just the right amount of hashish. Fired up, you'll love the spicy bite almost as much as the blissful body stone. Enjoy!

    This description of Hash Plant Cannabis Seeds is based on original material supplied by Sensi. Take a peak at our disclaimer page for more information..

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? High : 15% +
    Cannabis Genetics (Original Hash Plant X NL#1) X Original Hash Plant
    Flowering Time ? < 6 weeks
    Height notes 100-130 cm.
    Yield ? High
    Yield Notes 90-120 gr.
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Hash Plant is a fast-finishing cannabis seed created by the Sensi Seed Bank. The Sensi Seed brand has took top honours at countless Cups with an elite line of world-class, super-potent regular, feminized & fully autoflowering cannabis seeds. Take your collection to the next level with authentic Sensi Seeds!