Jack Flash

Like a Back-Crossed Hurricane!

Jack Flash probably didn't inspire that classic Stones tune, but it could have! This sh*t is awesome with rockin' Haze highs, blinged-out yields & enough speed to get you to the show on time. The only thing Jack Flash is missing is a few star-struck groupies & a tour bus. It's stellar!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Jack Herer X Super Skunk
  • 45% Sativa: 55% Indica
  • Massive Yields
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    Jumping Jack Flash is Ready in a, Well, Flash ... For a Sativa!

    Jack Flash Seeds' 60-70 days might sound like forever compared to Sensi Hash Plant's mere 40 days, but we're talking top-grade Sativa here. Compared to traditional Jack Herer's 12 weeks or more, this is a real speed demon!

    So how did Sensi Seeds ramp these babies up? Jack Flash is the direct result of generations of selective crossing, back-crossing & inbreeding using Sensi Seeds Jack Herer, a premium Super Skunk & a rare pure Haze. Not only are these cannabis seeds faster, they're bulkier too.

    • Jack Flash Adds Bulk & Speed to Classic Jack Herer
    • 2 Possible Phenos - Indica or Sativa Leans
    • Impressive Yields Either Way - They're Both Keepers!
    • Priced to Please & Ready to Ship!

    Best of all, Jack Flash Cannabis Seeds didn't lose a bit of original Jack's distinctive high. It's a win-win on all accounts!

    Sensi Seeds Jack Flash reduced Jack's 4 possible phenotypes to just 2. Depending on the luck of the draw, your new marijuana seeds could be SOG-sized Indicas with stack after stack of resin-swollen buds or tall, classic Sativas with unparalleled flavour, effects & delectable runs of Skunk/Haze bud. Another win-win!

    This description of Jack Flash Cannabis Seeds is based on material supplied by Sensi Seeds. To learn more, read our disclaimer page.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Cannabis Genetics Jack Herer X Super Skunk X Haze
    Flowering Time ? 8-12 weeks
    Cup Winner ? Yes
    Height notes 140-160 cm
    Yield ? High
    Yield Notes up to 125 gr.
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Jack Flash is an improved classic cannabis seed bred by the Sensi Seed Company. Sensi Seeds is a legendary Dutch breeder that is world-famous for creating high-performance marijuana seeds that consistently win at HTCC. Put a champion in your corner with genuine Sensi Seeds - order now!