Outdoor Mix
Love a bargain? Then you've just hit the jackpot! Per seed, Sensi's Outdoor Mix is the cheapest way to get a full set of this breeder's 5 best Indica strains including Early Skunk, Early Girl, Ruderalis Indica, Ruderalis Skunk & Guerrilla's Gusto. In total, this pack includes 25 randomly selected cannabis seeds.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Mostly Indica
  • 25 Random Seeds
  • 5 Awesome Strains
  • Buy Outdoor Mix!
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25 Cold-Hardy Cannabis Seeds Optimized for the Rugged UK Climate

With Sensi's Outdoor Mix, you'll be set for the season. This insanely cheap set of 25 cannabis seeds includes a random selection from Sensi Seeds' 5 best outdoor Indicas.

They're not marked, but all 5 strains in the Sensi Outdoor Mix are designed to complement each other perfectly. Put together in the same environment, these potent beauties will finish one after the other.

  • Outdoor Mix Includes 25 Regular Seeds
  • The Cheapest Way to Explore Sensi Seeds
  • 5 Complementary Strains - A Random Selection

If you're experienced, you can easily spot the differences during the finish. The autoflowering strains (Ruderalis Indica & Ruderalis Skunk) will finish first followed by Sensi Seeds Early Girl & Guerilla's Gusto. Last but definitley not least, Early Skunk finishes just before the worst of the fall weather sets in.

Rather know exactly what you're dealing with? Rhino Seeds sells all 5 strains in individual packs for the lowest prices on the net. Check 'em out!

This description of Outdoor Mix Cannabis Seeds is based on information created by Sensi Seeds. Review our disclaimer page for more on this subject.

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Ready for a little variety? Buy Outdoor Mix Cannabis Seeds & make it happen! This random set of Sensi's 5 best outdoor Indica's includes a total of 25 beans. Share 'em, hoard 'em or throw caution to the wind & go all out this season. At this price, you can afford to splurge!

When you buy Outdoor mix, you'll be sorely tempted by the sheer number of cannabis seeds, but don't attempt to germinate or cultivate a single bean. It's illegal in most places & prohibited by Rhino policies. Please read our disclaimer page for more on this subject.

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Mostly Indica
  • 25 Random Seeds
  • 5 Awesome Strains
  • Buy Outdoor Mix!

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The Outdoor Mix Pack is a random set of Indica-dominant cannabis seeds offered by the Sensi Seeds brand. The Sensi Seed Company is a living legend in Amsterdam with a ready supply of high-performance regular & feminized seeds. If you're ready to step it up, buy your genuine Sensi Seeds today!