Dr Feelgood

No one knows what you crave better than the highly sympathetic Dr Feelgood! This potent autoflowering Indica is extremely medicinal with couchlocking stones & very high yields. Tiny Dr Feelgood prescribes 50 gr/seed in just 8 weeks!
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    Take Two Hits & Call Dr Feelgood in the Morning – If You’re Not Still Locked to the Couch!

    Dr Feelgood is a tiny autoflowering dwarf, but these cannabis seeds aren’t short on power. This is one of the strongest medicinal Indicas on the planet!

    If you’re in the mood for something soothing, Dr Feelgood Auto is just what the, um, doctor ordered! Crafted from Short Stuff’s best automatic breeding stock and a pure, medicinal Afghan Kush, this sh*t’ll relax your body until it feels like a limp noodle. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

    • Nothing’s Better than Dr Feelgood!
    • Highly Medicinal, Autoflowering Indica
    • Only 10 to 20 Inches – It’s Sneaky!
    • From Bean to Blaze in Only 8 Weeks

    Dr Feelgood Seeds are stealthy little b*stards at only 10 to 20 inches tall with a fast 8 to 9 week finish from seed. Add in a 15 to 50 gr/seed yield, and it just doesn’t get stealthier than that!

    Every time The Rhino has a little sniffle he starts whining & moaning for some Dr Feelgood Cannabis Seeds. According to Short Stuff, it’s really meant for pain, but who’s going to tell him no? Not us! Get yours before he gobbles ‘em up!

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? High : 15% +
    Cannabis Genetics Short Stuff Auto X Afghan Kush
    Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
    CBD High
    Medical ? Yes
    Height notes 10 to 20 Inches
    Yield Notes 15 to 50 gr/seed
    Dr Feelgood is a high-powered, autoflowering cannabis seed covered by the Short Stuff brand. Short Stuff Seeds is famous for creating automatic strains that excel in all areas including power, yield, effect and flavour! If you’re ready to take the plunge and try a modern, autoflowering marijuana seed, do yourself a favour and make it an authentic Short Stuff weed seed!