Snowryder is a frosty knockout with a blizzard of power! This autoflowering cannabis seed is one of the strongest on the market with a thick coat of THC-enriched resin and heavy Indica stones. With Snowryder, cabin fever will never be the same!
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Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Covered in a Blizzard of Resin, SnowRyder Packs a Heavy Punch of Indica Power!

Billed by Short Stuff Seeds as one of the most formidable autoflowering strains on the market, SnowRyder is a frosty knockout with amazing power. Even by traditional standards, these cannabis seeds are the sh*t!

Snowryder Auto is a turbo-charged mix of Original Lowryder and Snow White with intense Indica power and an incredible amount of crystallized trichomes. Even the few Snowryder males are coated in goo!

  • Snowryder is a Potent Autoflowering Seed
  • Stealthy Monkeys at Only 10 to 15 Inches High
  • From Bean to Blaze in Just 8 to 10 Weeks
  • 18 to 34 gr/seed – Heavy Indica Stones

If you’re working in a small space, Snowryder seeds are the way to go. These tiny autoflowering dwarfs never exceed 15 inches!

Even though these cheeky monkeys are tiny, they deliver the goods big time! Snowryder Cannabis Seeds average 18 to 34 grams per seed. Now, that’s impressive!

10 Seeds
Recommended Indoor
Yield Notes
18 to 34 gr/seed
Height Notes
10 to 15 Inches
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
8 to 10 Weeks from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Original LowRyder X Snow White

If you’re looking for a high-powered autoflowering strain, buy Snowryder Cannabis Seeds today! With a well-deserved reputation as the strongest automatic on the market today, this single hybrid has the power to satisfy your every desire.

Snowryder is fast, but The Rhino’s even faster! When you buy Snowryder from Rhino Seeds, our crack shipping department will waste no time getting your discreet mailer in the post. From there, your new weed seeds will be knocking on your door the next business day.

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Snowryder is a top-rated autoflowering cannabis seed crafted by the Short Stuff brand. The Short Stuff Seedbank is famous for creating top-quality, high-performance autoflowering marijuana seeds in both feminized and non-feminized formats. If you’re looking for an Auto that gets the job done, check out the Short Stuff catalog – you won’t be disappointed!