Dream N Sour
Dream N Sour is a tart update on Blue Dream, a bona fide Cali MMJ cult classic! This new smoke is still fruity & strong, but it has a refreshing Sour twist to go along with its distinctive Sativa Buzz. Dream N Sour is simply unforgettable!
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Live the Dream with Dream N Sour – A Fresh Take on a Genuine Cali Cult Classic!

    The bad boys at Sin City Seeds can’t stop improving the world’s best strains. This time, they gave cult-classic Blue Dream a Sour Jack twist to give birth to Dream N Sour, a tart, fruity Sativa bursting with trippy power.

    Dream N Sour Seeds’ mum Blue Dream is a favourite with the Cali MMJ community. It’s an awesome mix of DJ Shorts Blueberry & a premium Mr Nice Super Silver Haze. That’s definitely top-shelf breeding stock.

    • Sin City Says Dream Big with Dream N Sour!
    • 80% Sativa for Uplifting Cerebral Highs
    • 64 to 73 Days – Amazing for this Breed!
    • Brilliant Seeds with High Power & Monster Yields

    The result of this union is simply stunning! Dream N Sour Cannabis Seeds are mostly Sativa with early finishes, above-average yields and unforgettable fruity/sour flavours & aromas.

    Sin City Seeds Dream N Sour delivers a soaring high that makes Sativa lovers drool. Give these weed seeds the support they need for their elegant height and savage yields, and they’ll pay you back with a massive stash of top-quality blaze. They’re incredibly good!

    This description of Dream N Sour Cannabis Seeds was created using information provided by Sin City Seeds. To learn more, check out the Rhino Seedsdisclaimer page.

    15 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    9-12 weeks
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    80% Sativa, 20% Indica
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Flowering Time Notes
    64 to 73 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    Blue Dream X Sour Jack

    If you’re looking for a new take on a bona fide California cult classic, buy Dream N Sour Cannabis Seeds today! This Blue Dream hybrid is still as trippy and euphoric as ever, but the Sour twist makes it completely unforgettable. You’ll love these marijuana seeds!

    Before you buy Dream N Sour, check out the laws in your local area. While it’s legal to collect cannabis seeds in the UK, it’s strictly illegal to cultivate or germinate your new weed seeds. To learn more about The Rhino’s take on this sensitive subject, check out the Rhino Seeds’ disclaimer page.

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    Dream N Sour is a trippy Sativa-dominant cannabis seed crafted by Sin City Seeds. As the self-proclaimed “home of the dank,” Sin City Seeds specializes in breeding powerful one-of-a-kind strains using only the best genetics. Sin City fully tests each and every batch of standard cannabis seeds to ensure the highest level of quality.