If you’re a rank amateur, So Gouda will treat you right! Even the legendary Soma says this premium mix of Blueberry, Cheese & G13 Haze is the best choice for beginners. So Gouda Feminized is a 70% Indica that finishes in just 9 to 10 weeks.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Soma, the mastermind behind Soma Seeds, definitely pours some love into his little babies! Who else would come up with such a delicious double play on words for these cannabis seeds? SoGouda is “So Good” and “So Cheesy!”

    If you’re a beginner, this seed dude will tell you to give SoGouda Feminized a try! It’s a proven workhorse that can take anything you throw at her including typical newbie mistakes.

    • Blueberry X Cheese X G13 Haze
    • The Quintessential Beginner Strain!
    • Crisp, Tangy Flavour – Truly Luscious Smoke!
    • At Least 40 Grams in 9 to 10 Weeks!

    SoGouda Feminized Seeds are lime green with large, trichome-covered nuggs. The flavour is very tangy and pleasant, the smoke is lush and the yields will always reach at least 40 grams according to Soma himself! What more could a greenhorn ask for?

    The Rhino cut his teeth on SoGouda Feminized Cannabis Seeds when he was a young calf! Now a seasoned veteran, he fondly tells stories of his early years – whether or not we want to hear them. Take his word for it – SoGouda is the perfect jumping off point!

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    10 Seeds
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    Soma's Sacred Seeds is now firmly implanted in Europe, but it got its start in southern Vermont way back in the early 70s before a single coffee shop existed in Amsterdam. Every exquisite seed in the Soma collection is backed up by a personal story as well as a very accurate description of what you can expect from each strain. These are some of the priciest seeds sold at Rhino Seeds, but they are so worth it! We're sure you'll come to love both Soma and his Sacred Seeds as much as we do. In fact, we think it's a law or something.