Rock Bud (Soma + -)
Out of Soma’s wide selection of out-of-this-world cannabis seeds, Rock Bud is their A-1 best medicinal strain! Once known as Soma A+, Rock Bud will knock your socks off and cure what ails you!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Rock Bud will rock your world with fierce physical stones & savage Indica power! This baby offers over-the-top power, fabulous quality and an extremely relaxing buzz. Definitely not a wake-and-bake, save this cannabis seed for mid-afternoon naps, rainy days and those nights when the sandman’s flown the coop.

    If you’re into Sea of Green or getting it done outdoors, Rock Bud Seeds will treat you right! These potent cannabis seeds stay short & bushy even when given enough veg to reach monster proportions.

    • Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Afghani X Afghani Hawaiian
    • 80% Indica – Deep Medicinal Stones!
    • Intense Sugary Red Colours
    • Connoisseur Quality – Very Smooth & Relaxing

    Rebranded from Soma A+, Rock Bud’s quality is second to none! Overflowing with quality, you’ll hoard this weed for special occasions & awesome nights with your best mates. Enjoy it!

    With rock-hard, extra-sticky nuggs, Rock Bud Cannabis Seeds have the Rhino’s top recommendation! But even our most coveted seeds are still offered at the lowest prices on the web. Combine this with fast shipping and the Rhino’s one-of-a-kind giveaway programs for the best shopping experience ever!

    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Yield Notes
    at least 12 to 15 grams
    Height Notes
    Short & Bushy
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    80% Indica
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Medical Notes
    Very Relaxing

    For top quality, buy Soma Seeds Rock Bud Cannabis Seeds! These sweet little beans turn a sugary red hue that’ll instantly remind you of the rich colours of autumn.

    Spider mites will never be a problem with this hardy strain, and neither will the quality. When you buy Soma Seeds Rock Bud at Rhino, we back every single one of these little beauties!

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    Soma’s Sacred Seeds is now firmly implanted in Europe, but it got its start in southern Vermont way back in the early 70s before a single coffee shop existed in Amsterdam. Every exquisite seed in the Soma collection is backed up by a personal story as well as a very accurate description of what you can expect from each strain. These are some of the priciest seeds sold at Rhino Seeds, but they are so worth it! We’re sure you’ll come to love both Soma and his Sacred Seeds as much as we do. In fact, we think it’s a law or something.