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AK Feminised thumbnail

AK Feminised

The touch of Infica added to this AK gives her an overall increase in quality, AK is super quick to finish and produces a high THC level. Ak is highly stable, every plant is uniform.
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BubbleGun Feminised

BubbleGun has been bred by the horticultural experts at Spliff Seeds. By mixing the perfect genetic blend of Mexican, Afghani, and Columbian cannabis varieties, the masterminds behind female BubbleGun were able to create a superb product for both small- a
Dutch Blue Automatic Female thumbnail

Dutch Blue Automatic Female

This little wonder is ready in 10 to 11 weeks from seed, she produces one main stem with few side branches, she is deemed an ideal candidate for SOG for this reason. In ideal circumstances her leaves
Jack F1 Female thumbnail

Jack F1 Female

Created on Holland- Jack F1 is extremely potent skunk variety which takes on aan Indica appearance, however is actually 75%+ sativa. Her flowering period is short and Jack F1 produces a lrge quantity
Nevilles Haze Female thumbnail

Nevilles Haze Female

Spliff Seeds Nevilles Haze is almost a pure Haze with amazing medicinal qualities. Thanks to repetitive backcrossing wi NL her height has been cut down. Nevilles Haze Female will continue flowering
Showing 1-5 of 5

Give in to the Power of Spliff Seeds Ladies…

Feminized seeds are a great example of how cannabis seeds research is ever marching forwards. These seeds are all of the highest quality and will make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Every one of these perfect seeds have been checked and verified by experts to give you peace of mind!

  • You won’t find these seeds cheaper anywhere else
  • Many strains developed from Cannabis Cup winning genetics
  • 100% Organic Premium Seeds

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