Early Spliff Female
Fast flowering, early finishing outdoor cannabis plant with Skunk No.1 and Early Pearl parents.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    If you’d like to get your hands on a real piece of cannabis seed history, don’t miss this chance to add the Early Spliff Female to your collection. This hybrid was created by Spliff Seeds when their horticultural experts combined a Skunk No. 1 with an Early Pearl. The result is a tall plant with deep-green leaves and long, stretched-out, skunky flowers that are dank, dense, powerful, and pungent. Anyone familiar with the legend of Skunk strains will instantly recognize the signature scent and sweet taste of the Early Spliff Female. This variation of weed seeds could be the foundation of your burgeoning collection of cannabis memorabilia.

    Both new and experienced collectors will appreciate the hardy characteristics of the Early Spliff Female. From the Spliff Seeds seed bank to yours, the hardy nature of this healthy girl makes your collection-building efforts easier than ever. If you’ve ever had mould or fungus attack your collection of cannabis seeds, you can put this worry behind you. These stable, early-finishing seeds are resistant to virtually any pest that could otherwise put an early end to your hard work.

    Order the Early Spliff Female today and add these traits to your collection of weed seeds:

    • Popular Skunk Heritage
    • 55% Indica to 45% Sativa Ratio
    • Medium THC Levels – Equivalent to 8 to 10% rating
    • Height and Yield are Perfect for Greenhouse or Outdoor Collections
    • Smooth Flavor
    • Stable Plant that Finishes Early
    • Pest and Mould Resistant
    • Dense, Pungent Flowers
    • Bred with Northern Climates in Mind

    The Early Spliff Female can add the perfect mix of Indica and Sativa qualities to your collection of cannabis seeds. When this piece of cannabis history reached our warehouse, the entire operation stopped in its tracks to admire this legendary lady. The much anticipated arrival of this item not only met, but exceeded, our every expectation. We invite you to order the Early Spliff Female today so that you can share in our excitement. This selection of weed seeds is a true investment that will take your collection to a level you only dreamed of!

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