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Big Devil thumbnail

Big Devil

Big Devil Auto is the biggest autoflowering Skunk we’ve ever seen! This monster reaches a full 1.5 meters tall with massive yields of rock-hard, super-sticky nuggs. For wicked power & fruity flavour,
Big Devil 2 thumbnail

Big Devil 2

Big Devil 2 was developed in response to growers requesting higher yields from an auto flowering plant. Surprisingly tall for an auto you can expect some bumper yields.
Big Devil XL Auto thumbnail

Big Devil XL Auto

When Sweet Seeds said to go bigger, they weren’t kidding! Big Devil XL is one of the biggest AutoFem’s we’ve ever seen! For yields that go all the way to 650 gr/m2 in just 9 weeks, nothing less than B
Big Foot thumbnail

Big Foot

Far from an unproven myth, Big Foot Feminized is a potent cannabis seed that can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk! Big Foot Feminized delivers on every promise including speed, power, flavour
Black Cream Auto thumbnail

Black Cream Auto

Black Cream Auto: 8 Weeks to Sweeeet Darkness!

New for 2013, Black Cream Auto is a dark beauty with wicked-fast finishes, sweet flavours & a near-black cure. If you're looking for bag appeal, these babies have it!

  • 8 Weeks from Seed - Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Original Cream Caramel X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
Black Jack thumbnail

Black Jack

We have crossed-bred our Black domina with an exceptional Jack Herer of pleasing and intense aroma similar to the haze of cathedral incense, resulting on one of our most powerful and highly productive
Black Jack Auto thumbnail

Black Jack Auto

Sweet sees assure us that it will take an expert to notice the difference between produce from Black Jack Auto and the original Black Jack. Black Jack Auto was produced from crossing of S.A.D Auto (Sw
Botafumeiros thumbnail


Variety created based on a selection of mainly sativa genetics and high production, adapted for cultivation both indoors and outdoors. The long flowering period of this variety, about ten weeks, is we
Collectors Pack 4 thumbnail

Collectors Pack 4

Take a peak into the magical world of Sweet Seeds with their Collectors Pack 4! This collection includes 2 seeds each for Jack 47, Wild Rose & Green Poison.
Collectors Pack 5 thumbnail

Collectors Pack 5

Sweet Seeds does it again with another exciting collection of their most popular feminized seeds. To discover the power behind Sweet Cheese, Snow Fruit & Black Jack, check out Sweet Seeds Collection P
Collectors Special Edition 3 thumbnail

Collectors Special Edition 3

Collectors Special Edition !!! >>> 6 chosen seeds of excellent varieties: - Moham Ram - Flash Back#2 - Double White
Cream 47 thumbnail

Cream 47

Cream 47 is potent, productive and delightfully fragrant. Covered in dense, sticky nuggs that often reveal blue, purple or red tones, Cream 47 Feminized delights the mind, the eyes and the spirit!
Cream Caramel thumbnail

Cream Caramel

A synthetic variety (S.V.) result of a three way cross-bred between our best indicas, blueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino. The synthetic varieties share with hybridised varieties an objective
Cream Caramel Auto thumbnail

Cream Caramel Auto

Cream Caramel Auto is a result of Sweet Seeds amazing breeding techniques, Cream caramel Auto was produced by crossing Cream Caramel with some of Sweet Seeds best auto's. This new auto flowering strai
Cream Mandarine thumbnail

Cream Mandarine

With smashing yields and a sweet, citrusy aroma, Cream Mandarine Auto is an exquisite AutoFem! Cream Mandarine Auto only takes about 9 weeks to deliver gigantic, purplish-red nuggs coated in sticky cr
Sweet Special Auto thumbnail

Crystal Candy Auto

Big, Sweet, Sticky & Ready in 8 Weeks from Seed!

Sweet Seeds did it again with Crystal Candy Auto! This sweet-smelling 8-weeker will be done in a flash with a superb aroma that's bursting with notes of bubble gum, grape jam, ripe melon & sweet strawberry. Delish!

  • Crystal Candy X Sweet Special Auto
  • Up to 600 gr/m2 Inside - 130 cm or Less!
Dark Devil Auto thumbnail

Dark Devil Auto

Dark Devil Auto Tops the Charts at 600 gr/m2!

Next time someone tells you automatics don't yield worth crap, tell them to go to hell! Dark Devil Auto rules with up to 600 gr/m2 or 200 gr/seed in a mere 8.5 Weeks!

  • Big Devil XL X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
  • Lush Purple Colours, Sweet Flavour, Fruity Aroma
Double White thumbnail

Double White

Especial 1 Luxury selection pack thumbnail

Especial 1 Luxury selection pack

2 seeds for each of the following strains: S.A.D. S1. Black Jack Psicodelicia
Especial 2 Luxury selection pack thumbnail

Especial 2 Luxury selection pack

2 seeds for each of the following strains: Cream Caramel Sweet Tai Ice Cool
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Savour the Flavour with the Tastiest Weed Seeds on the Planet!

Spanish-based Sweet Seeds chose the perfect name! In any language, these luxurious feminized seeds are muy delicioso. If you're looking for mouth-watering flavour & smells that'll make you do cartwheels to get a single whiff, you've come to the right place.

Sweet Seeds ignores the commercial market in favour of satisfying the pickiest group of customers in the world: the weed connoisseur. To serve the every need, want & desire of these stoners, Sweet Seeds has created an exclusive selection of top-notch strains that always do exactly what they promise - and then some!

So, what does Sweet Seeds have to offer? Green Poison is an extremely fast Indica with deep couch-locking stones & a rich, practically sinful flavour & matching aroma. This cannabis seed isn't toxic, but she's still a real killer! And, if traditional Green Poison isn't fast enough for you, Sweet Seeds also offers even faster Green Poison Auto.

Whether you go with these two over-achieving ladies or one of Sweet Seeds other amazing cannabis seeds, you'll enjoy the quality that only comes with the personal attention that this breeder gives to every single bean that rolls out of their doors. Sweet Seeds inspects each marijuana seed before hand-selecting absolutely perfect specimens to place in the signature, crush-proof tubes. How's that for attention to detail?

With a 95% success rate, the only thing that's better than buying genuine Sweet Seeds is ordering them from Rhino Seeds. We'll take your shopping experience to an entirely new level with the lowest prices, the fastest shipping and the best customer service in the UK. Sorry Bulgaria - no Sweet Seeds for you!

Order Your Absolutely Stunning Sweet Seeds from The Rhino Today!