Indigo Berry Kush
If you can't decide between OG Kush and Blueberry, or Black Domina and LA Confidential, just pick up a pack or two of Indigo Berry Kush & get it all. Sweet Seeds even threw in Trainwreck for good measure. This 5-way cross is the total package with soaring power, massive yields, killer effects and a pleasing aroma that's filled with sweet earthiness. You'll love this one - no doubt about it!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Tempting Fragrance
  • Award-Winning Genetics
  • Massive Yields
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Free shipping and seeds

Sweet Seeds Spared No Effort When They Bred Indigo Berry Kush!

Sweet Seeds crossed an outstanding So G Kush (OG KushLA Confidential X Trainwreck) with a top performing Blue Monster (Blueberry 99 X Black Domina 98) to create their new Indigo Berry Kush strain. This fresh blend only needs 8 to 9 weeks of finish to pump out up to 600 gr/m2 of big, resin-saturated flowers - most from a massive central cola, but the smaller buds on the sides are pretty f'ing nice too!

  • Indigo Berry Kush Flowering Time = 8 to 9 Weeks Inside
  • Massive Yields - Up to 600 gr/m2!
  • Bred Exclusively from Premium American Strains
  • Copious Amounts of Resin - Dab Friendly

If you're a Cream Caramel fan, you'll love Indigo Berry Kush Feminized Seeds! This new mix has an equally sweet, earthy aroma, but with a completely different blend of genetic for bigger yields, more resin and a bit more Sativa for a more balanced high. The aroma is killer & the strong, long-lasting effect is where it's at!

Need Something in Dark Blue? Pick Up Indigo Berry Kush Seeds Today!

NB: Just so you know, all Rhino Seeds descriptions are based on the original breeder's data sheet. No one here has tried a Indigo Berry Kush grow - and neither should you. It's illegal, you know.

Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Flowering Outdoors
Late September
Sativa/Indica Notes
60% Indica; 40% Sativa
Sativa / Indica Mix
Cannabis Genetics
So G Kush (OG Kush X LA Confidential X Trainwreck) X Blue Monster (Blueberry 99 X Black Domina 98)
Outdoor Yield
450 to 700 gr/seed
Indoor Yield
400 to 600 gr/m2

The breeders at Sweet Seeds put a lot of thought into Indigo Berry Kush Cannabis Seeds. Instead of going with a standard combo that's been done to death, they made a completely new cross that combined genetics from 5 different, extremely popular America strains including OG Kush, Blueberry & Trainwreck. The quality definitely shines through with massive buds completely encased in gleaming, mushroom-shaped trichomes and a strong, enduring high that eases both the mind & the body. Order your Indigo Berry Kush Seeds today!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Tempting Fragrance
  • Award-Winning Genetics
  • Massive Yields

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As you can guess by the name, Sweet Seeds offers some of the tastiest strains on the market! This breeder focuses on creating easy-to-manage cannabis seeds that do well inside or out with sweet, delectable fragrances and flavours. Every Sweet Seeds' marijuana seed is selected by hand after an intense inspection process before it's carefully sealed in a crush-proof, clear tube. In business since 2005, Sweet Seeds currently offers an awesome 95% success rate whether you choose an elegant feminized seed or a cutting-edge autoflowering strain! If nothing else, Sweet Seeds chubby Blue Elephant will win you over – she's almost as cute as the Rhino!