Caryophyllene, Pinene

Neat, compact, spherical popcorn-like blooms in shades of sage and light green, featuring tan and brown pistils with a hint of orange color.
  • 29%+ THC
  • Biscotti, Pink Cotton & Fuel
  • GSC x Sunset Sherbet) X (Motorbreath x Gelato 410) x Donutz
  • Cerebral, Relaxed
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The terpene profile of Wagyu Donutz is unmatched and truly remarkable. This highly valued and coveted strain is recognized for its outstanding quality, taste, and impact. The distinctive flavor of our Wagyu Donutz is subtly savory, but also carries a subtle sweetness reminiscent of candy, caramel, and a hint of vanilla.

A high-yielding variety can yield up to 600 grams per square meter within a 9-10 week blooming period. This perfectly harmonious cross offers delectable savory and sweet, multi-layered tastes that are highly sought after by fans of terpenoids. Upon inhalation, the savory Wagyu tastes shift to a sweet, strawberry, and candy-like flavor.

An expertly balanced blend of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, this strain offers gentle waves of relaxation that both soothe and numb both the mind and body, ultimately leading to a deep, all-encompassing state of pure tranquility.

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Cannabis Genetics GSC x Sunset Sherbet) X (Motorbreath x Gelato 410) x Donutz
Flowering Time ? 9-10 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 29%+ THC
Flavour Biscotti, Pink Cotton & Fuel
Yield Notes 600 Grams/m2
Greenhouse ? Yes

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