Burmese Kush


Burmese Kush, AKA BuKu, is like OG Kush after a case of Red Bulls. This powerful hybrid has all of the original strain’s power & unique flavour plus an electrifying 50-day finish. To cut to the chase, Burmese Kush is bad-ass weed!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Fast 7.5 Week Finish
  • 400 gr/m2 or More
  • OG Kush Flavour
  • Free shipping and seeds
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    Burmese Kush is Better than Ever with a Fresh Infusion of OG Kush!

    Burmese Kush is so hardcore it even has a gang name – BuKu! As an accelerated OG Kush hybrid, this cannabis seed means business. It gets the job done in just 50 days without losing a bit of the original power or flavour.

    If drive-by speeds aren’t enough, how does a 400 gr/m2 yield sound? Burmese Kush Seeds puts out this much top-grade smoke and then some!

    • Burmese Kush is an OG Kush Hybrid
    • 50 to 55 Day Finishes
    • 400+ gr/m2 Yields
    • Authentic OG Kush Flavour & Power

    Even though TH Seeds Burmese Kush pumps out the volume like a champ, this seed is small and stealthy! It’s a great choice for discreet collectors who need a high-production environment.

    When the Rhino’s not busy flashing gang signs and calling out the competition, he spends his time making sure the online experience at Rhino Seeds is top notch. Whether you go with Burmese Kush Cannabis Seeds or one of our other premium beans, you’ll get the best price, the fastest delivery and the friendliest service in the biz!

    This description of Burmese Kush Cannabis Seeds is based entirely on material supplied by TH Seeds. Check out the Rhino Seeds disclaimer page for more on this subject.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Cannabis Genetics OG Kush Hybrid
    Flowering Time ? 7-8 weeks
    Yield ? High
    Indoor Yield 400 gr/m2
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Burmese Kush is an amazingly good cannabis seed sold under the TH Seeds brand. TH Seeds is a legendary Amsterdam breeder that always stays on top of the latest technology. Recently, TH Seeds has pioneered a new breeding technique called Teslaponics to increase the power and yield even more. You will not be disappointed with authentic TH Seeds!