Electric Lemon G
Electric Lemon G lives up to its name, literally. Thanks to the incredible vigour & power infused into Electric Lemon G by Teslaponics, TH Seeds’ new electrifying propagation method, this shocking cannabis seed took 2nd place at the 2011 High Times Cannab
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    Created using the power of Teslaponics, Electric Lemon G is a shocking new innovation! These cannabis seeds are true marvels of modern science with yields and germination rates that exceed all known standards.

    Teslaponics uses to the power of electricity to stimulate each mother during the propagation process to naturally do what chemical treatments can only hope for. Although Electric Lemon G Seeds are brand-new for 2012, they haven’t been feminized because Teslaponics naturally increases the female to male ratio to unheard-of levels. This is the biggest breakthrough the cannabis industry has ever seen!

    • Electric Lemon G is a Bona Fide Teslaponics’ Miracle!
    • 2011 Cannabis Cup Winner
    • Lemon Sativa X G-13 X NL #5
    • 350 gr/m2 of Uplifting Day-Time Smoke!

    This new technology is way-cool, but Electric Lemon G is pretty awesome all by itself! The high is a soaring, cerebral buzz that’s perfect for any time of the day – as long as you’re not trying to sleep. This marijuana seed has one of the most intense lemony aromas we’ve ever smelled, and the astringent lemon flavour lasts throughout the hit and lingers pleasantly on your tongue long after every bit of the smoke is gone!

    The nuggs on Electric Lemon G are long and elegant with a bit more weight than fluffier Sativa strains. With an amazing degree of quality and an exceptional level of vigour, these weeds seeds easily took 2nd place at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup!

    5 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    9-12 weeks
    Yield Notes
    300 to 350 gr/m2
    Height Notes
    120 to 140 cm
    Cup Winner
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    Up & Energizing
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    2nd Place 2011 HTCC
    Flowering Time Notes
    63 to 70 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    Lemon Sativa X G13 X NL5

    Be the first one in your circle to buy Electric Lemon G Cannabis Seeds! This champion has just been released to the public, and it’s already proving to be a stonking success. If you’re a little hesitant about trying something new, don’t worry about it. The Rhino has your back!

    If you’re not stunned, amazed and a little shocked by the outstanding results these weed seeds are able to deliver, just let us know and we’ll take care of it. With the Rhino’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can buy Electric Lemon G with no worries!

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    As Amsterdam's finest supplier of high-grade cannabis seeds, TH Seeds simply can't stop producing new winners. Year after year, they stomp the competition. And with their new “Teslaponics” system that guarantees higher yields, faster finishes and more power through the magic of electricity, you can only expect their reputation to grow. Totally new school since opening their doors in 1993, TH Seeds continues to spread the best American cannabis genetics throughout Europe in an effort to strengthen the breed through diversity. You won't go wrong with super-sweet Bubble Gum, legendary S.A.G.E. or any of TH Seeds other amazing weed seeds!