Direct from the Hollywood strip, Kushage brings instant Cali power to the rest of the weed world! Kushage is a premium mix of OG Kush and legendary SAGE that hits fast and keeps on coming!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    We all love OG Kush, but you have to admit it can be a little too much at times. To balance this intense stone with crystal-clear highs, TH Seeds introduced S.A.G.E. into the mix. Now, you really can have it all – and toke it, too!

    • OG Kush X S.A.G.E. – Two Super Stars!
    • Instant Intensity – Near-Addicting Stones & Clear, Up Highs
    • 400 gr/m2 – Enough to Satisfy the Greediest Stoner
    • Elegant Shape & Flavour

    With the addition of S.A.G.E.’s Sativa genetics, Kushage does take a bit longer to finish than OG Kush, but the quality is more than worth the wait! In addition to a fully developed, multi-layered high, you’ll get a more elegant appearance and a delightful, sophisticated Sandalwood flavour!


    When you want Kushage Cannabis Seeds, you want them NOW! You’ve asked and the Rhino has listened. To satisfy your demands, he’s whipped the shipping department into shape (literally). We’ll get your discreet mailer out the door so fast it’ll make your head spin! Order now & let us show you what we can do.

    10 seeds
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    As Amsterdam's finest supplier of high-grade cannabis seeds, TH Seeds simply can't stop producing new winners. Year after year, they stomp the competition. And with their new “Teslaponics” system that guarantees higher yields, faster finishes and more power through the magic of electricity, you can only expect their reputation to grow. Totally new school since opening their doors in 1993, TH Seeds continues to spread the best American cannabis genetics throughout Europe in an effort to strengthen the breed through diversity. You won't go wrong with super-sweet Bubble Gum, legendary S.A.G.E. or any of TH Seeds other amazing weed seeds!