Sage n Sour
TH Seeds would never marry their baby to just any old seed – but Sour Diesel is no ordinary weed seed! A partnership made in pot heaven, Sage ‘n Sour is pure bliss. The flavours are decadent, the power is intense and the yields are unbelievable! Sage ‘n S
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    When West-Coast SAGE met East-Coast Diesel, it was love at first sight! Sage ‘n Sour, the potent offspring from this heavenly union is truly special with over-the-top flavour, out-of-this-world power and drought-ending yields!

    Sage ‘n Sour Seeds are especially recommended for hydro as long as you can dedicate plenty of space to these muscle-bound cannabis seeds. These babies can really go with maximum heights reaching 140 cm.

    • Sour Diesel X SAGE - Epic!
    • Intense Flavours
    • 350+ gr/m2 Yields
    • Extreme Power – Sativa-Dominant

    The Rhino promises you’ll be thrilled with Sage ‘n Sour once it’s done. Expect this one to take about 8 or 9 weeks to finish – not too bad for Sativa-dominant smoke of this quality. It’s more than worth the time!

    If you’ve never ordered marijuana seeds before, it’s normal to be a little nervous. To put an end to your worries, the Rhino guarantees every order that leaves our warehouse. If your Sage ‘n Sour Cannabis Seeds don’t arrive or there’s anything wrong with your order, just let us know. We’ll take care of it right away! How’s that for service?

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    As Amsterdam's finest supplier of high-grade cannabis seeds, TH Seeds simply can't stop producing new winners. Year after year, they stomp the competition. And with their new “Teslaponics” system that guarantees higher yields, faster finishes and more power through the magic of electricity, you can only expect their reputation to grow. Totally new school since opening their doors in 1993, TH Seeds continues to spread the best American cannabis genetics throughout Europe in an effort to strengthen the breed through diversity. You won't go wrong with super-sweet Bubble Gum, legendary S.A.G.E. or any of TH Seeds other amazing weed seeds!