White Label X Haze
White Label X Haze is what Sativa is meant to be! Although there is a subtle Indica influence, you’ll get all the quality and elegance that Sativas are known for with White Label X Haze. This cannabis seed is coated in resin with a sweet flavour & slim, r
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Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

White Label X Haze is what Sativa is all about! This throwback to the psychedelic 70s offers high yields of top-quality blaze with an intense narcotic effect, powerful highs and lush flavours.

This cannabis seed does have a trace of Indica, but this doesn’t affect the quality one bit. Instead, this subtle touch gives the thick coating of nuggs density and substance along with a refreshing citrus flavour.

  • Intense Sativa-dominant Hybrid with Just a Touch of Indica
  • Extreme Psychedelic & Narcotic Effects – Trippy!
  • Complex Aromas & Citrus Flavours
  • Only for the More Experienced Collector

Although everyone will love the smoke, White Label X Haze Seeds aren’t for everyone. The Rhino swears White Label X Haze Cannabis Seeds require the patience of an elephant. This extreme quality demands a little know-how and finesse to reach the 16 to 20 week finish. An experienced collector who’s up for the challenge can bring out the best in this sophisticated feminized seed.

If you have what it takes to get the most out of White Label X Haze Cannabis Seeds, you’ll find 100% genuine beans from the official breeder at a great price right here at Rhino! Order today and the Rhino will personally oversee the shipping to make sure it gets out the door as fast as possible. Just remember cultivation and germination are illegal in most countries including the UK.

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A division of Sensi Seeds, the White Label Seed Company operates out of Amsterdam just like their parent company. The White Label Seed Company was formed specifically to showcase popular Sensi Seeds' strains at more affordable prices. All the quality and power is still there, but a no-frills marketing campaign and basic packaging reduces the overall costs dramatically. For high-grade marijuana seeds you can actually afford, try one of the outstanding strains offered by the White Label Seed Company!