Sensi Star
White Label Sensi Star is an amped up Indica that’ll never let you down! This intense cannabis seed took first place at both Highlife and HTCC in 1999 and came back for more in 2004. Known for deep, relaxing stones, Sensi Star is the perfect remedy to a s
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Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

White Label Sensi Star is a living legend! As the winner of not one but two major Cups, this Indica-dominant hybrid is nothing short of frickin’ awesome. Sensi Star definitely sets a new standard that other strains can only hope to reach!

With torpedo-like precision, Sensi Star Seeds targets your deepest physical levels leaving you feeling completely relaxed and totally at ease. A highly pleasant strain, this is the perfect way to end an extremely hard day!

  • +16% THC – Deep, Relaxing Indica Stones!
  • Winner of Both the Highlife Cup & Cannabis Cup
  • Nominated for Best Strain of the Year
  • 400 gr/m2 with just 8 Weeks of Bloom!

Although this weed seed stays short & bushy, it’s never skimpy! Expect a heavy coating of dense, compact nuggs dripping in resin after about 8 weeks. At 16% THC or higher, White Label Sensi Star is literally and figuratively out of this world!

White Label Sensi Star Seeds are exceptionally easy and often recommended to beginners. Virtually every bean will pop, and with the Rhino Guarantee, you won’t have to worry if one doesn’t! We always replace any misbehaving marijuana seeds for free.

10 Seeds
Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Yield Notes
400 gr/m2
Height Notes
100 to 130 cm
Cup Winner
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Strain Notes
Physically Relaxing
Cannabis Cup Information:
1999 Highlife & HTCC
THC Notes
Flowering Time Notes
8 Weeks

If you’ve decided to buy White Label Sensi Star Cannabis Seeds, you’ve made an excellent choice! Although these beans are extremely stable, this strain does present two distinct phenotypes.

The first is very dark with a metallic lemon aroma. The yields are slightly lower than the second phenotype, but the quality, the taste, the power & the effect are off the charts! However, the second phenotype isn’t too shabby! With these marijuana seeds, you’ll get smashing yields and tasty skunk flavours. With two clear winners, you can’t go wrong when you buy White Label Sensi Star!

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A division of Sensi Seeds, the White Label Seed Company operates out of Amsterdam just like their parent company. The White Label Seed Company was formed specifically to showcase popular Sensi Seeds' strains at more affordable prices. All the quality and power is still there, but a no-frills marketing campaign and basic packaging reduces the overall costs dramatically. For high-grade marijuana seeds you can actually afford, try one of the outstanding strains offered by the White Label Seed Company!