Super Skunk
Check out this super-charged classic! White Label Super Skunk was developed way back in 1990, but this HTCC Champion has still got it. An oldie but a goodie, White Label Super Skunk keeps on blowing minds & winning hearts!
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Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

White Label Super Skunk is the real deal! A classic mix of Skunk #1 and an extra-sticky Afghani Hash Plant, this baby took 1st place at the 1990 Cannabis Cup for best Indica and hasn’t looked back.

This is one of the best commercial-grade strains hands down! White Label Super Skunk retains a high degree of connoisseur quality while pumping out potent nuggs inside or out that the champ that it is.

  • Skunk #1 X Afghani Hash Plant
  • Only 45 to 50 Days of Bloom
  • Connoisseur Quality & Commercial Yields
  • A Year-Round Favourite

White Label Super Skunk Seeds are amazingly easy, too! This beginner-friendly cannabis seed virtually guarantees you’ll have a stash full of delightfully stinky smoke with less than 7 weeks of bloom!

Whenever the Rhino is in a bind, he calls on White Label Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds to save the day! These beauties may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but they have a wonderful way of making tense negotiations go a lot smoother. This stuff is responsible for ½ the price drops at Rhino!

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A division of Sensi Seeds, the White Label Seed Company operates out of Amsterdam just like their parent company. The White Label Seed Company was formed specifically to showcase popular Sensi Seeds' strains at more affordable prices. All the quality and power is still there, but a no-frills marketing campaign and basic packaging reduces the overall costs dramatically. For high-grade marijuana seeds you can actually afford, try one of the outstanding strains offered by the White Label Seed Company!