White Label Mix Pack

You can't go wrong with 25 top-rated cannabis seeds for this kind of price! The White Label Mix Pack includes a random selection of this breeder’s best seeds at a very affordable price! Whether you’re on a tight budget or you just like a surprise, you’l
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    You can’t steal brand-name cannabis seeds cheaper than this! The White Label Mix Pack includes 25 randomly picked marijuana seeds for one unbelievably low price. Go ahead and do a double-take – we couldn’t believe it either!

    The White Label Mix Pack isn’t filled with unwanted schwag! You won’t know exactly what you’ll get, but every single bean will be one of White Label’s big 16. Depending on the luck of the draw, your sampler could include Orange Bud, White Widow, Bleu Berries or even Jack Herer!

    • 25 Random White Label Cannabis Seeds
    • Indicas, Sativas & Mixed Hybrids
    • Award-Winning Classics & Brand-New Strains
    • Big Names Like White Widow, Jack Herer and Afghan Kush!

    From easy-going Indicas to reach-for-the-sky Sativas, your White Label Mix Pack will include a lot of variety. This is definitely the absolutely most affordable way to jump into the wild world of weed!

    Keep in mind that you can build a huge collection for just a little change with the White Label Mix Pack, but it would be totally illegal to plant these babies! Save ‘em up, but stay on the right side of the law so you can keep coming back to Rhino.

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    A division of Sensi Seeds, the White Label Seed Company operates out of Amsterdam just like their parent company. The White Label Seed Company was formed specifically to showcase popular Sensi Seeds' strains at more affordable prices. All the quality and power is still there, but a no-frills marketing campaign and basic packaging reduces the overall costs dramatically. For high-grade marijuana seeds you can actually afford, try one of the outstanding strains offered by the White Label Seed Company!