Amnesia White
Amnesia White has everything you love about legendary Haze & nothing you hate! This potent cannabis seed still has soaring psychedelic highs, stunning quality and delicious hazy flavours but with a faster finish, higher yields and a slightly shorter struc
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Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Amnesia White is our kind of Haze! This strain has retained everything we love about this potent legend while solving all the challenges that this breed is famous for.

You’ll still get soaring, psychedelic highs, intense Haze flavour and power so strong it’ll make you forget yo’ mama, but Amnesia White is much faster & easier to manage than old-school Sativa! How can you pass on a marijuana seed that’s all pro and no con?

  • Haze X Afghani X Thai – Nothing But Quality
  • Intense Electric Highs that Defy the Imagination!
  • 70% Sativa – Extreme Quality & Fast Finishes
  • Stupendous Resin Production – Slick & sticky

Amnesia White Seeds offer extremely high yields with long, dense nuggs that are fragrant and resinous! Although this improved Haze is much shorter than the original, it does stretch quite a bit. This baby won’t get as tall as the Rhino, but be prepared to give it plenty of space anyway.

Even though Amnesia White Cannabis Seeds are strong enough to make you forget your own name, nothing could ever make the Rhino forget about your order! When you get your marijuana seeds at Rhino Seeds, they’ll never languish in the corner waiting for some attention. They’ll be on their way in no time!

Yield Notes
100 g
Height Notes
140 - 180 cm
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
Strain Notes
one of the finest Sativas ever created
Flowering Time Notes
55 - 80 days
Cannabis Genetics
Haze genotype with X Afghanica back-crossed with the Thai
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