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Kannabia Auto

These Seeds Hit The Bull's Eye Every Single Time!

Incredibly Strong, Wicked-Good Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Using their own proprietary mix, The Kannabia Seed Company goes full-blown automatic by transforming their most popular cannabis seeds into incredibly good, super-fast powerhouses without compromising power, flavour or yield. Nothing could be better - or easier!

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Kannabia  Auto

Kannabia Auto

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B Lee Auto

B Lee Auto

No one can resist B Lee Auto once they realize it was named for legendary Kung-Fu master Bruce Lee! B Lee Auto is one of the fastest & strongest autoflowering seeds with 20% THC and a 60-day lifecycle

Baby Boom Auto

Baby Boom Auto

Smells Like Plum Jam - XL Yields

Small but shockingly productive, Baby Boom Auto is the latest in a long line of next-generation Automatics. This weed seed does not disappoint!

  • Mostly Indica - Highly Relaxing
  • Blueberry X Northern Lights X Auto

Flash Automatic

Flash Automatic

Flash Automatic from Kannabia Seeds is an extremely easy plant to grow and requires literally no attention aside from watering and MAYBE the occasional pruning.‭ ‬They need an average of&

Gnomo Automatic

Gnomo Automatic

Gnomo Automatic is a Kannabia production that has a Mataro Blue influence.‭ ‬It is said to be a very beautiful plant that can produce competitively and is full of flavor.‭ ‬T

Hobbit Auto

Hobbit Auto

Hobbit Auto is so good you’ll be calling this cannabis seed “Precious” after one whiff! Filled to the brim with ultra-sweet strawberry flavours & aromas, Hobbit Auto is incredibly potent (15% THC) and

Kritic 70 Auto

Kritic 70 Auto

Looking for an even easier version of Critical? Kritic 70 Auto transforms this super productive Skunk into a fully autoflowering cannabis seed that gets it done in just 70 days! For high yields and in

Mikromachine Auto

Mikromachine Auto

With factory-like precision, Mikromachine Auto delivers commercial-grade results to the rank amateur. Mikromachine Auto has the uncanny ability to go from small autoflowering seed to over 300 grams of

Speedy Gonzales Auto

Speedy Gonzales Auto

Wonder why Sylvester never nabs Speedy? That putty tat is stuck on couchlock while the fastest mouse in all of Mexico is jacked up on supersonic Speedy Gonzales Auto, a highly energizing cannabis seed

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Expand Your Horizons with Super-Charged Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds!

As a true pioneer in the Spanish cannabis revolution, Kannabia Seeds takes autoflowering technology to unheard-of levels. In addition to automating almost every single one of their most powerful strains, this innovative breeder has super-charged their genetics to create a brand new range called the “Max Auto” collection. Whether you choose one of Kannabia's classic autoflowering blends or go with a fuel-injected newcomer, you’ll definitely enjoy the ease, convenience and simplicity that come with a premium AutoFem.

  • Power Ratings that Range from 15% to 23% - Unheard of in Automatic Technology
  • Both Standard AutoFems & Turbo-Charged Max Autos
  • High Yields, Intense Psychoactivity and Extreme Flavour
  • Convenient Small Sizes & Super-Fast Turnaround Times - No Special Requirements

When you need savage power yesterday, Kannabia Seeds Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds is your miracle. Thanks to a strong boost of Kannabia's proprietary Ruderalis genetics, each and every one of these automatic marijuana seeds is capable of going from tiny little bean to complete finish in two months or less! How do they do it? With a rich mix of Lowryder, White Dwarf and the very best of Kannabia’s in-house, non-auto breeding stock.

At Rhino Seeds, we're pretty proud of a few things we've developed on our own as well! Whether you buy a premium autoflowering seed from Kannabia or any other cannabis seed from the Rhino online store, you'll get the lowest prices, the fastest delivery, the friendliest customer service and the very best guarantee! How can you beat that?

Get Your Fuel-Injected Kannabia Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Below!

  • • Regular & Max Autos
  • • Shocking Power Levels
  • • Highly Sought-After Strains
  • • Fully Autoflowering Seeds


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