Sabor Mix 6
Get ready to drool! The Sabor Mix 6 Pack showcases Kannabia’s most delicious strains including Citrus, Original Berry and Domina Haze. Filled to the bursting point with decadent flavours and intense power, the Sabor Mix 6 is the perfect way to jumpstart y
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Put away the harsh dirt-weed and step up to the dank with the Sabor Mix 6 collection. This set includes a total of 6 premium cannabis seeds – 2 for each tantalizing strain.

    Citrus has an invigorating orange tint just like you would expect, but the flavour is very sweet – more like candy than fruit. Created by blending Bubble Gum with Lemonade, Citrus offers 20% THC, high yields and Sativa-dominant highs.

    • Kannabia’s Sabor Mix 6 Features 6 Mouthwatering Seeds!
    • Citrus – 20% THC & Candy-Like Flavours
    • Original Berry - Fruity Smoke with >15% THC
    • Domina Haze - 600-gr Yields, +15% THC & Tasty Haze Flavour

    Nothing tastes better than fresh Blueberry, and Original Berry offers a ton of it! This colourful, tasty strain is a high-yielding version of classic Blueberry with power levels that exceed 15%.

    Domina Haze is the most desirable phenotype of Jack Black, a hybrid based on the legendary Jack Herer strain. Kannabia stabilized Domina Haze to ensure every single one of these high-powered cannabis seeds delivers the same delicious Haze flavour without variation.

    6 Seeds
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Selection Packs

    The Rhino knows that you don’t want to wait once you’ve decided to buy Sabor Mix 6 Cannabis Seeds. You want them yesterday. While we can’t turn back time, we can do the next best thing.

    We’ll get them to you tomorrow – or pretty damn close to that. Rhino Seeds has implemented one of the fastest procurement and delivery processes in the industry. Buy Sabor Mix 6 today and you’ll have these marijuana seeds in your greedy hands in practically no time!

    Love this set of cannabis seed. I always have a hard time making a decision so this was perfect for me. Everything turned out great!
    Keith - 20 July 2012 21:44:32
    Love the variety in this one. A+
    Terry - 20 July 2012 21:45:00
    Sabor Mix 6 is the bomb! Wish I could say more, but trust me, you won't be disappointed.
    Howard - 20 July 2012 21:45:52
    Split this one with a friend and we were both impressed. Nice!
    Sammy - 20 July 2012 21:46:28
    What's not to like about this one? You get to try 3 great strains without breaking the bank. Awesome job guys!
    Mark - 20 July 2012 21:47:10

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