Flamenco Mix 6
Explore the exiting world of Kannabia Feminized Seeds with the Flamenco Mix 6 collection. This value-packed set includes Mataro Blue, Afrodite and BCN Diesel, three highly rated strains. Flamenco Mix 6 adds power, flavour and mind-bending effects to any c
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Discover the power and quality supplied by world-class breeder Kannabia! The Flamenco Mix 6 pack includes 6 astonishing feminized seeds – 2 for each of the following strains.

    Kannabia’s signature strain, Mataro Blue, is an intense mix of Blue Moonshine, La Blanca and White Widow that has an incredible 24% THC rating. This powerful cannabis seed offers lovely colours, delicious flavours and amazing highs.

    • Kannabia’s Flamenco Mix 6 Includes 6 Feminized Seeds!
    • Mataro Blue – 24% THC & Lovely Colours
    • Afrodite – A Beginner-Friendly Hybrid with 20% THC
    • BCN Diesel - Extreme Power, High Yields & Sour Fuel Aromas

    Aphrodite is a powerful combination of Jack Flash and Hawaiian Sativa. This balanced hybrid has a 20% THC level with evenly matched physical and mental effects. Afrodite is a strong cannabis seed with surprisingly high yields that’s perfect for first-time collectors.

    A NYC Diesel/Indica hybrid, BCN Diesel is a super-smelly cannabis seed with a short finish, incredible yields and exceptional power. If you’re looking for that classic sour-grapefruit/diesel fuel flavour and aroma, this is it!

    6 Seeds
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Selection Packs

    What if someone told you that you could buy Flamenco Mix Pack 6 Cannabis Seeds for free? You’d be all over it! While the Rhino moves mountains to make sure we’re selling the cheapest cannabis seeds on the planet, he can’t give everything away for free.

    However, he can gift one lucky customer with a complete refund about twice a month! To qualify, order seeds from the Rhino, give us a little feedback and we’ll enter you into the awesome Feedback Giveback contest! Don’t miss out – Buy Flamenco Mix Pack 6 today!

    Already knew the Diesel was great, but the other two were new to me. All wonderful seeds.
    Eddie - 20 July 2012 22:50:18
    Better than I ever imagined - especially since I'm fairly new to this. Hope everytime is just like this one.
    George - 20 July 2012 22:51:04
    Perfect mix of features. Love this one.
    Henry - 20 July 2012 22:51:30
    Loving these. Everything's going great and looking forward to some good times.
    Juice - 20 July 2012 22:52:02
    Can't describe how good these are! If you're not sure, don't even think about - buy these. You will not be sorry.
    Kevin - 20 July 2012 22:52:56

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