Mikromachine Auto
With factory-like precision, Mikromachine Auto delivers commercial-grade results to the rank amateur. Mikromachine Auto has the uncanny ability to go from small autoflowering seed to over 300 grams of dense, fruity smoke (17% THC) in just 65 days making i
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Mikromachine Auto is a real powerhouse disguised as a beginner-friendly cannabis seed. This little marvel of genetic engineering pumps out commercial-sized yields of connoisseur-grade smoke, and it just doesn’t get better than that!

    Although Mikromachine Auto Feminized finishes in a mere 65 days from seed, she gets even better if you allow a few more days for maximum trichome development. Expect to see a thick coating of compact, dense nuggs with a fruity, spicy essence.

    • Mikromachine Auto is Kannabia’s Most Prolific Autoflowering Seed!
    • Ready in 65 Days, But So Much Sweeter at 70!
    • Under Optimal Conditions, Yields Can Reach 350 gr/m2!
    • Tight, Dense, Fruity & Spicy – Scrumptious!

    The published stats for Mikromachine Automatic Seeds report indoor yields at about 25 gr/seed and outdoors at between 50 to 120 gr/seed. However, Kannabia has employed a team of experts who were able to push those same results to nearly 350 gr/m2 inside and 320 gr/seed outside. If you know what you’re doing, you can rev this baby straight into hyper drive!

    Since starting their venture into the automatic cannabis seed market, Kannabia has surprised us year after year with new hybrids that are even more stunning than their predecessors. Whether you choose Mikromachine Auto Seeds or another intense strain like BCN Diesel Automatic, you’ll enjoy the power, the simplicity and the unmatched quality of this exclusive set of weed seeds!

    Flowering Time
    Height Notes
    60 to 70 cm Inside, 85 to 150 cm Outside
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    THC Notes
    Flowering Time Notes
    65 to 70 Days from Seed
    Outdoor Yield
    50 to 120 gr/seed
    Indoor Yield
    25 gr/seed

    Buy Mikromachine Automatic Cannabis Seeds for their speed. Buy them at Rhino Seeds for our amazing customer service! We’re the only seed bank in the world that guarantees every cannabis seed we sell against any possibility.

    That’s right! If you have any problem at all, even one you caused, we’ll replace your marijuana seeds at absolutely no cost to you. With this kind of guarantee, why would you ever buy Mikromachine Auto anywhere else?

    Can't believe this one. Mikromachine is like a little robot - it's amazing!
    Bruce - 18 July 2012 00:07:20
    Fast delivery, fresh seeds, everything as described - A+
    Ted - 18 July 2012 00:07:54
    Best Auto in the world. Told everyone how great it is. Will be back for more.
    Janice - 18 July 2012 00:08:29
    Love it!
    Marty - 18 July 2012 00:08:50
    Just as described. Couldn't be happier.
    Denny - 18 July 2012 00:09:23

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    The Kannabia Seed Company is an elite Spanish breeder with a clear focus on quality, power and yield. While all their feminized seeds are truly exceptional, we're very excited about their new Max Auto line. To meet your high demands, the Max Auto collection is a superior set of autoflowering cannabis seeds that go from bean to blaze in record-breaking times while offering THC levels and yields that meet or exceed standard seeds. If you've been disappointed by Autos in the past, step up to a Kannabia Max Auto. The Rhino promises you'll be thrilled with the results!