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Ocean Grown & Well Toked!

Potent MMJ Seeds Bred by MMJ Patients for MMJ Patients

If you thought owning a famous Cali clone-only strain was a pipe dream, here's your chance and you won't even have to book an international flight or update your passport! OG Seeds is currently distributing the best cannabis seeds that California has to offer to needy patients around the globe.

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Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction

Think you have what it takes to stand up to a bona fide Alien Abduction? This sh*t is so good it might be worth a little probing. Alien Abduction is a potent cross of Alien OG & Alien Dawg with extrem

Black Cauldron

Black Cauldron

Can you smell what’s cooking in the Black Cauldron? OG Seeds serves up intense MMJ with these potent super seeds! A colourful offshoot from OG’s Merlot project, Black Cauldron is highly relaxing and e

Bubble Krush

Bubble Krush

Bubble Krush is the perfect name for this potent medicinal cannabis seed! With Indica-dominant power, Bubble Krush crushes stress like a pesky bug and lifts low moods like a trippy THC-filled bubble.

Devil's Tear

Devil's Tear

Devil’s Tear is an improved version of Angel’s Tear that increases the Indica influence in this intense therapeutic cannabis seed. If you’re looking for bad-ass MMJ, it doesn’t get any better than Dev

Merlot OG

Merlot OG

Better than the finest wine, Merlot OG is a dense, frosty cannabis seed with deep-purple hues. Good enough to serve as OG Seeds’ signature strain, Merlot OG delivers an abundance of hand grenade sized

Sleeping Dog

Sleeping Dog

Put an end to restless nights & endless yawns with Sleeping Dog, a potent therapeutic cannabis seed with devastating stones and rock-hard nuggs! Sleeping Dog is a soothing mix of Alien OG genetics & M

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

End your search for the ultimate medicinal smoke with Witch Hunt, a 5-way hybridization of the world’s best strains. Witch Hunt is a heavy-duty Indica with lasting stones that relax your body until ev

Witches Brew

Witches Brew

Witches Brew is a spooky mix of Zenfandel & Merlot that lifts you up & lays you down at the exact same time! This vigorous hybrid relaxes the body & lifts the mood with a magical combination of top-sh

Zenfandel OG

Zenfandel OG

Set down that wine glass & pick up your pipe! Zenfandel OG is a potent medicinal strain known for its intensely calming properties and thick, frosty appearance. If you need to take the edge off, Zenfa

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Discover the Power of Authentic So Cal Medicinal Seeds Designed & Bred by OG Seeds!

Although Ocean Grown Genetics only opened their doors in 2011, the masterminds behind this operation have been breeding 5-star cannabis seeds for more than 10 years. Because they understand what you're looking for in a premium bean, they refine each strain until it reaches an incredibly high success rate.

OG Seeds also offers an extremely high degree of stabilization. This means that you'll get exactly what you expect rather than weeding through a variety of phenotypes for a keeper. While no one can offer the same kind of reliability that you get with a clone, they come pretty damn close!

Ocean Grown Genetics creates healthy, highly effective medicine that does exactly what it's supposed to do. In fact, they've taken this idea to the next level with strains that target very specific ailments rather than claiming their cannabis seeds are "relaxing" or "uplifting." This approach lets you shop for 5-star marijuana seeds with confidence!

OG Seeds is very serious about giving back to the medical marijuana community because they sincerely feel that they have been blessed by the sacred herb. As part of this mission, they're always looking for new ideas to help them improve. If you have any type of feedback, don't hesitate to let Ocean Grown Genetics know!

Of course, the best place to buy premium cannabis seeds crafted by Ocean Grown Genetics is right here at Rhino Seeds! In addition to the world's best medical strains, you'll get the lowest prices and the fastest shipping when you shop here. Get yours today!

Order Therapeutic Cannabis Seeds from Ocean Grown Genetics & Rhino Seeds Now!

OG Seeds Summary

  • • Extremely Therapeutic
  • • High-Powered Cannabis Seeds
  • • Fresh So-Cal Genetics!
  • • Operated by MMJ Patients

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