Double Thai
If you’re into Asian strains, you can’t afford to miss out on Double Thai! This potent Sativa is a blend of two exotic strains that were originally found in exotic Thailand. Double Thai’s mom came from Koh Chang Island and pop was born in the highland dis
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Double Thai gives you more of what you’re looking for! A blend of two pure Thai Sativas, this rich hybrid was developed by mating a Koh Chang Thai with the famous Meao Thai strain. The results are amazingly pure & clear with a super cerebral high that goes on forever.

    The overall effect and flavour is classic Thai, but the hybridization process gave Double Thai a fresh vigour that neither parent can claim. This robust breed has a spicy, woodsy flavour with notes of fresh citrus.

    • Koh Chang Thai X Meao Thai – 100% Sativa!
    • Clean, Euphoric & High – Stoked!
    • Citrus, Spice & Wood Flavours – Tasty!
    • Robust, Branchy & Bushy – Strong!

    Double Thai Seeds have a strong structure that’s very branchy and bushy for a Sativa. This makes it a great choice for outdoors. Double Thai is highly recommended for tropical regions due to a prolonged finish.

    Like all our weed seeds, Rhino’s Double Thai cannabis seeds are 100% genuine! However, your order won’t look like this when it arrives. Shipped as a dormant collectible, we prohibit cultivation and germination of our products in accordance with UK law.

    10 seeds
    You just can't go wrong with a <b>Thai Sativa Seeds</b>! This one is lush.
    Octavio - 29 July 2012 02:20:46
    Top quality at a reasonable price - what more can you ask for?
    Ned - 29 July 2012 02:21:23
    Only way this one would be better is if it was free! It's tops.
    Barry - 29 July 2012 02:22:00
    If you like <i>Sativa</i>, you're going to love <b>Double Thai</b> - it has twice what you're looking for!
    sullivan - 29 July 2012 02:22:42
    Get this seed - you will not be disappointed!
    Biggie - 29 July 2012 02:23:24

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