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Ace Seeds China Yunnan thumbnail

Ace Seeds China Yunnan

Ace Seeds Congo thumbnail

Ace Seeds Congo

Congo from the popular breeder ACE Seeds is a solid hybrid Cannabis strain that is reliable and fulfilling. This strain is said to be extremely delicious and is a unique variety that is the product o
Ace Seeds Mix thumbnail

Ace Seeds Mix

don’t have a preference or cannot make up their mind as to which strain they’d like to grow. Granted there are many excellent ACE strains which is why this mix makes it easy to experience and enjoy many of them simultaneously! Every pack contains 16 see
Ace Seeds Orient Express thumbnail

Ace Seeds Orient Express

ACE Seeds has produced an extremely potent F1 Cannabis hybrid they call that combines the characteristics of a Vietnam Black mother and a Yunnan Chinese Indica. The Black mother produces massive amou
Double Thai thumbnail

Double Thai

Golden Tiger thumbnail

Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger is a stately beast filled with ancient Sativa power! A mix of two exotic landrace strains, Golden Tiger offers enhanced vigour, raging potency, savage yields & mind-blowing psychedelic ef
Green Haze X Thai thumbnail

Green Haze X Thai

Nepalese Haze thumbnail

Nepalese Haze

Nepalese Haze is an amazing Nepalese/Green Haze Hybrid with two fabulous phenotypes. No matter which one you get, you’ll be thrilled with the clean, stimulating highs & tantalizing aromas of Nepalese
Nepalese Jam thumbnail

Nepalese Jam

From ACE Seeds, Nepalese Jam is a special Asian sensation Cannabis strain that is probably unlike anything you’ve ever smoked. Being a cross from a prime Nepalese female and a Jamaican male, this pre
Oldtimers Haze thumbnail

Oldtimers Haze

If you have been craving a good old fashioned Skunk strain that will make you reminisce about the original, then ACE Seeds’ Oldtimer’s Haze is for you!! Lucky for you, this Cannabis strain contains g
Pakistan Chitral Kush thumbnail

Pakistan Chitral Kush

Known as a potent hash strain, Pakistan Chitral Kush will light you up! This blend of pure Indicas is a Cannabiogen favourite with high resin levels, fast cycles & huge yields. With the ability to ada
Panama Seeds thumbnail

Panama Seeds

Panama is a sophisticated blend of 3 potent Panamanian strains with tantalizing hints of lemon, strawberry, vanilla and incense. With a single taste, Panama Seeds instantly turn back the clock to an e
Purple Haze X Thai thumbnail

Purple Haze X Thai

Tikal Seeds thumbnail

Tikal Seeds

From ACE Seeds comes the central American Cannabis strain Tikal. Originating from the jungles of Guatemala, Tikal is fairly easy to control and cultivate, requiring next to no special skills to reall
Vietnam Black x Thai Regular Seeds thumbnail

Vietnam Black x Thai Regular Seeds

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Explore the Exciting World of Pure Landrace Genetics with Ace Seeds & the Rhino!

When it comes to purity, no one can beat Ace Seeds! Instead of cross-breeding existing hybrids to create slightly different variations on the same tired old theme, this breeder always goes back to the source for the strongest possible genetic foundation for each one of their completely unique standard cannabis seeds.

Ace Seeds is on a mission to preserve, protect & strengthen the cannabis gene pool for this generation and the next through the most responsible breeding programs and extreme diversity. In fact, the sale of the most robust cannabis seeds in the universe is simply a way to further Ace Seeds' ultimate goal to study this miraculous herb to learn even more!

From time to time, you can still get Oldtimers Haze, a pure, 100% Sativa that was first discovered in California about 50 years ago. Preserved in its original, standard form, this historic strain has been used to create many fabulous hybrids including Purple Haze and Green Haze!

  • Pure Landrace Strains & Powerful F1 Hybrids
  • An International Mix of the Most Robust & Viable Genetics
  • Strong Standard Cannabis Seeds that Are Exactly As They Were Meant to Be!

Of course, if you like the power and variety of an F1 hybrid, Ace Seeds can deliver these strains in the form of standard cannabis seeds as well! Check out Nepalese Jam for an intense cross of landrace genetics from exotic Nepal and ganja-rich Jamaica or Orient Express for an all-Asian mix of powerful Vietnamese and Chinese weed.

When you choose a premium standard cannabis seed crafted by Ace Seeds, make the smart choice and buy it at Rhino Seeds! We'll do everything possible to make your shopping experience the absolute best one you've ever had starting with the most extensive collection of premium cannabis seeds at the lowest prices and ending with our 100% Delivery Guarantee that makes sure your order arrives at your door. Enjoy your stay!

Buy Exotic, Pure-Bred Cannabis Seeds from Ace Seeds and the Rhino Today!