Panama Seeds
Panama is a sophisticated blend of 3 potent Panamanian strains with tantalizing hints of lemon, strawberry, vanilla and incense. With a single taste, Panama Seeds instantly turn back the clock to an earlier time of pure Sativas and clear, energizing highs
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    Free shipping and seeds

    A vigorous polyhybrid blend of the three best strains from its native land, Ace Seeds Panama is reminiscent of old-school Sativa from back-in-the day. If you crave that clear, energizing high that was so popular in the ‘60s, this reddish-pink weed will take you back to a better time!

    Panama Cannabis Seeds have a refreshing aroma that smells just like a fresh strawberry picked at the peak of ripeness while the flavour is a combination of brisk lemon and sensual vanilla. Thanks to a high-THC/low CBD combination, this variety has a strong potential for medical cannabis connoisseurs.

    • Panama 74 X Green Panama X Columbian Punto Rojo
    • 300 Grams of Outrageous Sativa
    • High THC & Low CBD for Clear, Energetic Highs
    • Strawberry, Lemon, Vanilla & Incense

    Although the quality, flavour & colour make Panama Seeds a tempting choice, this strain should be reserved for experienced collectors only. The timeframe is low for a near-pure Sativa, but the work and patience required are often too much for a first timer.

    Rhinos Seeds deals exclusively in authentic Panama Cannabis Seeds from Ace Seeds, but they’re not sold for cultivation or germination purposes. Our items are considered dormant collectibles and won’t look like this description. We do not condone or encourage any illegal activity.

    Flowering Time
    9-12 weeks
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Yield Notes
    medium - high
    Flowering Outdoors
    3rd week of October
    Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    100% sativa
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    disease resistant
    Cannabis Genetics
    Panama 74 X Green Panama X Columbian Punto Rojo
    These ladies are a handful, but I'm thoroughly enjoying them. Amazing stuff!
    Earl - 04 August 2012 01:28:11

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    Ace Seeds is more than one of the world’s foremost breeders of high-quality cannabis seeds. In fact, that’s only a means to an end for these horticultural experts. This group of researchers, breeders and cannabis aficionados is on a mission to preserve, protect and strengthen cannabis genetics through diversity, research and education. Do your part to save the sacred herb by buying high-grade marijuana seeds from Ace Seeds!