Purple Haze X Thai


Purple Haze X Thai is some crazy-assed weed! This super Sativa completely ignores tolerance levels like they were just a blip on the radar screen. For a super psychedelic trip no matter how much you toke, you have to try Purple Haze X Thai!
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Like most of the good things in life, overdoing it with top-shelf weed leads to pesky tolerance levels that limit your fun. If this has happened to you, give Purple Haze X Thai a try! This crazy shit doesn’t care how hard you toke – it’s going to hit you like a freight train no matter what.

Purple Haze X Thai Seeds deliver a classic Sativa flavour paired with a rich, fruity aroma with notes of citrus, wood and incense. This sophisticated mix is complex enough to satisfy even the most snobby connoisseur!

  • Purple Haze X Meao Thai
  • Old-School Sativa Flavour
  • Crazy Psychedelic Effect
  • Ignores Tolerance Levels

This Sativa has a traditional structure that tends to go tall and elegant with some irregular branching. For this reason, Purple Haze X Thai is not a recommended indoor strain. Your best bet is to only choose this cannabis seed if you’re an experienced collector with patience and a tropical environment.

When you order Purple Haze X Thai Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you’ll get 100% authentic beans. But, they won’t look like this. Our dormant souvenirs are collectible items only. We discourage any illegal use including germination and cultivation.

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Thc Level ? High : 15% +
Cannabis Genetics Purple Haze x Meao Thai. F1 hybrid.
Flowering Time ? 12 weeks
Flowering Outdoors December
Yield ? Average
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