Red Dwarf Autoflower
An extremely economical choice, Red Dwarf Auto turns the tiniest spaces into high-efficiency THC factories! A rare standard autoflowering seed, Red Dwarf Auto gives you an amazing amount of Skunky smoke for just a little cash.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    It’s hard to find a non-feminized automatic cannabis seed, but the Rhino has you covered! Check out Red Dwarf Auto, a very rare autoflowering hybrid that hasn’t been altered or stressed in any way, shape or form.

    Red Dwarf Auto is a tiny little thing with gigantic yields of deliciously, stinky, sticky nuggs! It definitely makes the most of the smallest spaces including closets, patios and balconies.

    • Red Dwarf Auto Is Covered in Branches for Extra High Yields in Small Spaces
    • Top-Quality Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – So Easy!
    • Extremely Powerful & Skunky – Dank!
    • Standard Skunk/White Dwarf Hybrid

    To create this powerhouse, Buddha Seeds crossed their signature White Dwarf with an exceptional Skunk. Red Dwarf Auto Seeds are too smelly for true stealth, but they're amazing in every other way. You’ll love them!

    If you prefer a 100% feminized seed when you’re shopping for autoflowering strains, don’t worry – The Rhino has your back, too! Check out Buddha Seeds fully feminized version of Red Dwarf. She’s slightly more expensive, but many think she’s worth it!

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time

    When you buy Red Dwarf Auto Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you risk absolutely nothing! Rhino Seeds guarantees that you’ll receive the best price in the UK and that you’ll be bowled over by your new marijuana seeds!

    If you find them cheaper or anything goes wrong with your new cannabis seeds, just let us know. We always beat the competition’s prices and we replace any bad little beans for free! Buy Red Dwarf Auto from Rhino Seeds and get the deal of a lifetime!

    Extemely good for an auto. If you want to try something like this, go for it.
    Dave - 09 September 2012 22:45:06

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    With a clear focus on quality and intensity, Buddha Seeds offers a small, exclusive collection of world class autoflowering seeds that are guaranteed to blow your mind! From Red Dwarf Auto to White Dwarf to super-sweet Syrup, each delectable bean maximizes power, flavour, performance and effect.