Taskenti is an extremely resinous Indica from exotic Uzbekistan with delightful lemon & mint flavours. We’ve seen a ton of cannabis seeds, but Taskenti is simply astounding. It delivers high yields, off-the-hook power and a deep layer of gooey resin.
  • Value-Priced Standard Seeds
  • Uzbekistan Indica
  • Very Resinous & Hashy
  • Potent & Prolific
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Get Sticky with Taskenti Cannabis Seeds! They’re Potent, Hashy & High Yielding!

Cannabiogen discovered this intense Indica in remote Uzbekistan and named it after the world’s finest hash. True to its name, Taskenti practically oozes with gooey resin and mouth-watering lemon/mint flavours.

The Rhino personally guaranties you’re going to love this smooth, full-bodied smoke! Whether you’re a hash-lover or a more traditional toker, Taskenti Seeds are the real deal with incredible power and amazing yields.

  • Taskenti Was Named After the World’s Best Hash!
  • Very Refined Aromas – Intense Mint & Lemon
  • Mostly Indica for Smooth Physical Power
  • High Yields & Resin Content

Taskenti Seeds are best for outside, but they can be placed in any environment. In most cases, these cannabis seeds take at least 100 days to finish from seed with about 70 days dedicated to bloom. Expect to reap your reward around October.

Classic Cannabiogen Taskenti Cannabis Seeds are 100% natural without any feminization. If you’d rather give Taskenti Feminized a try, you can buy them right here at Rhino Seeds for an amazing price. Check ‘em out!

10 seeds
Recommended Outdoor
Flowering Time
8-12 weeks
Sativa/Indica Notes
100% Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds

Buy Taskenti Cannabis Seeds and join the herd! When you shop for 5-star marijuana seeds at Rhino Seeds, you’ll always get the best deals and the fastest shipping with each and every order. Plus, if you have any problems, our friendly knowledgeable customer service team is always there to help!

When you buy Taskenti at Rhino Seeds, The Rhino always has your back! Who else would risk life & horn to bring your the best selection of weeds seeds on the planet so that you can shop from the comfort & safety of your home? He's the Man!

Very happy with these seeds. I'd give them even more than 5 stars!
Jordon - 11 September 2012 00:47:21
This strain is outstanding
Infamous Dr Ar - 29 November 2012 03:11:46

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  • Value-Priced Standard Seeds
  • Uzbekistan Indica
  • Very Resinous & Hashy
  • Potent & Prolific

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Cannabiogen raises cannabis seed production to an art form! For over 20 years, this group has traveled the globe in search of the most powerful genetics to include in their meticulous breeding program, and the quality shows. With a gene pool that includes native strains from Jamaica, Columbia, Pakistan, India, Thailand and other exotic locales, you can depend on a Cannabiogen cannabis seed to be absolutely unique, perfect in every way and filled to the brim with raw, unbridled power!