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Just like Spiderman, time slows to a halt as your senses sharpen when Caribe is on-board. A unique Sativa with high yields and mystical powers, Caribe is always in demand!
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Caribe is a premium Sativa with a unique effect we haven’t seen in other strains. When you enjoy this one, your senses sharpen and time slows for the legendary Spiderman high! Where else can you get that?

Caribe is a top shelf backcross of a pure Jamaican strain with a Jamaica/NL5/Haze polyhybrid. This Blue Mountain special offers high yields, premium quality and unmatched plague resistance. Caribe is perfect for humid areas.

  • Backcross of Jamaica to Jamaica/NL5/Haze Polyhybrid
  • High-Yielding Sativa - Potent
  • Plague Resistant – Perfect for the Tropics
  • Sharpens the Senses and Slows Time – Very Unique

Unfortunately, this popular Sativa is hard to find. Those-who-know stockpile as much as they can when Caribe is around leaving the uninitiated to fend for themselves. Get this one while you can!

At this time, Rhino Seeds is shipping authentic Caribe Cannabis Seeds, but they won’t be anything like this description. They are meant to be collected only. Any type of germination or cultivation within UK borders could land you in the pokey.

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Cannabis Genetics Jamaica x Jamaica/NL5/Haze
Cannabiogen raises cannabis seed production to an art form! For over 20 years, this group has traveled the globe in search of the most powerful genetics to include in their meticulous breeding program, and the quality shows. With a gene pool that includes native strains from Jamaica, Columbia, Pakistan, India, Thailand and other exotic locales, you can depend on a Cannabiogen cannabis seed to be absolutely unique, perfect in every way and filled to the brim with raw, unbridled power!