Lemon Venom
Bright green like a deadly viper & rolled as tight as a coiled rattler with a bad attitude, Lemon Venom is a certified killer! These citrus-flavoured cannabis seeds can reach up to 1000 gr/seed outside with pure Indica genetics & 18% THC for utter & total annihilation of the mind & the body. Call the medics - you'll never be the same again!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Crazy High Yields
  • Near Lethal Power
  • Full-Bodied Flavour
  • High Mould Resistance
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

COTC Says There's No Known Antidote, But Why Would You Want One!

If you got to die, Lemon Venom Seeds are the way to go! This savage monster hits hard & fast leaving you physically & mentally numb until, when you think it has to be over, the next wave creeps up on you with a highly energetic body buzz that defies the imagination & any logical explanation. She's a definite game changer!

  • Lemon Venom Finishes in 60 Days!
  • Massive Yields - 600 gr/m2 Inside
  • Sensi Star & Big Bud Genetics
  • High Mould Resistance - Very Hardy

With their Lemon Venom strain, Cream of the Crop successfully combined commercial-size yields & power with true connoisseur quality. The resin is thick, the buds are fat & dense and the flavour is a fierce, undeniable lemon with a piney back - very dank & gooey. This 100% feminized seed is the total package!

You want free cannabis seeds? The Rhino's got free cannabis seeds! Load your basket with Lemon Venom Feminized Seeds & anything else that strikes your fancy to qualify. Remember - the more you spend, the more you get!

Grab Your Lemon Venom Seeds - and They'll Grab You Back!

NB: Rhino Seeds only sells cannabis seeds as collectible souvenirs & novelty items with no germination or cultivation allowed just like the UK laws tell us we can do. That means no Lemon Venom grow for you!

Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Flowering Outdoors
Late October
Sativa/Indica Notes
100% Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
18% THC
Flowering Time Notes
60 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Sensi Star X Big Bud X Mega Lemon
Outdoor Yield
1000 gr/seed
Indoor Yield
600 gr/m2

Lemon Venom is a very strong, high-yielding Sensi Star X Big Bud X Mega Lemon cross with pure Indica genetics. The THC rating is extra strong at 18% and the yields are well above average at 600 gr/m2 inside & a full 1000 gr/seed outside. This is a great choice for anyone, especially if you love sweet Lemon flavours with a sharp edge!

The finally yield will be composed of neon-green golfballs that are coiled tight & ready to strike! The effects are very strong & instantly intoxicating with a wave of near paralysis that slowly creeps into extreme energy that lasts & lasts. Lemon Venom Seeds are not for the timid - respect her toxic power or pay the price!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Crazy High Yields
  • Near Lethal Power
  • Full-Bodied Flavour
  • High Mould Resistance

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Lemon Venom is a high-yielding cannabis seed from the Cream of the Crop collection. Known for amping up the most demanded features in each & every feminized seed they release, Cream of the Crop is a highly respected brand that you can rely on. In other words, you will not be disappointed in any Cream of the Crop strain - get yours today!