Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights mixes super-simple Northern Lights with uber-trippy Belladonna to bring you Cream of the Crop's most hallucinogenic cannabis seed. This one's a real stunner that'll open your mind, confuse your senses & leave you feeling dazed & spellbound for hours with no bad trips or flashbacks in your future. Practice moderation with this killer!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • 20% THC - Potent
  • Very High Yields
  • A Trippy Indica
  • Gold & Amber Tones
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Gigantic, Amber & Gold Buds Bursting with Extreme Power!

With Pretty Lights Seeds, you'll get all the benefits of an fine Indica with all the soaring, trippy highs of a pure Sativa. This Cream of the Crop special finishes in 70 days or less, resists mould like a champ & has up to a 750 gr/m2 yield, but this is no couchlocker. Pretty Lights is as trippy & psychedelic as they come!


  • Pretty Lights Flowering Takes 65 to 70 Days
  • Genuine Northern Lights Genetics - Very Easy
  • 500 gr/m2 Inside or 750 gr/m2 Outside
  • Very Potent at 20% THC - Powerful!

Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Cream of the Crop Pretty Lights Strain has a full 20% THC for extreme potency. She's a real piece of eye candy with huge amber-gold blooms coated thickly in blinged-out crystals that add to her beauty as well as her power. The smell is almost as good as the electrifying high - sweet forest fruits (like mixed berries) glazed in acid. She's a little different, but shockingly good!

If Pretty Lights trippiness is a little much for your taste, take a look at Cream of the Crop's more laid-back strains. Rhino Seeds has them all from Narcotic Kush to Black Gold, each one better than the next and priced to move. Remember, we don't just match prices - we beat them to a pulp!

Snatch Your Pretty Lights Seeds Now - Their Quality Shines Through!

NB: If you attempt a Pretty Lights grow, you must be out of your mind. That, my friend, would be prohibited by both The Rhino's TOS & the UK's laws, and who would you be more afraid of if they came a'knockin on your door?

Flowering Time
9-12 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
20% THC
Flowering Time Notes
65 to 70 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Northern Lights X Belladonna
Outdoor Yield
750 gr/m2
Indoor Yield
500 gr/m2

Pretty Lights is a robust Northern Lights X Belladonna hybrid with Indica-dominant genetics. Curiously, this cannabis seed is not one bit chill & won't couchlock you in the slightest. The highs will free your mind and send it soaring on the hallucinogenic trip of a lifetime. This is a true psychedelic strain!

Even Cream of the Crop says you must exercise self control when you're dealing with Pretty Lights Seeds! The power reaches near-toxic levels at a full 20% THC, much too much for many. All can enjoy this feminized seeds' good looks - large, gold buds coated in glistening resin with a pleasant aroma that smells like wild berries with just a hint of acid!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • 20% THC - Potent
  • Very High Yields
  • A Trippy Indica
  • Gold & Amber Tones

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Pretty Lights is a psychedelic cannabis seed produced by the Cream of the Crop brand. Specializing in connoisseur-grade feminized and autoflowering seeds, Cream of the Crop doesn't have the biggest collection, but they do have one of the best. Treat yourself to something spectacular - buy your genuine Cream of the Crop Seeds today!