Auto Massassin
When you need it yesterday, you need a lot, and you need it to be extra strong, go with Auto Massassin by Critical Mass Collective! This pint-sized killer doesn't get very big, but she can reach 20% THC and she yields like a mo-fo. When it's all said and done, candied-lemon flavours will dance across your palate right after your nose fills with a smooth, slightly sweet mix of sandalwood and pine. Every single thing about Auto Massassin is full-bodied, rich and robust!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Contains AK-47 Genes
  • Fast, Potent, Hi-Yielding
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

These Killers are Set to Auto Pilot - We Kid You Not!

Once Auto Massassin Seeds are set in motion, there's no stopping these serial killers! They'll slay you with their immense yields, awe-inspiring power and full-throttle speed on the very first go. No matter what, 55 days from seed is all they'll need on average. That, my friend, is only 2 measly months, 8 short weeks or 1320 brief hours. You'd have to break the laws of time to get anything faster!

  • Includes Genuine AK-47 Genetics!
  • Finishes in 55 Days from the Very Start
  • Very Smooth & Pleasant Flavour - Like Lemon Candy
  • Plenty of Resin, Terpenes & Bag Appeal!

To achieve this miraculous feat of genetic engineering (that's breeding to you & me), Critical Mass Collective crossed their very own Monster Mass and Big Bud Auto with the original one-hit wonder, AK-47. As a result, the Auto Massassin strain comes on fast and lasts for hours, lifting the spirits first for a quick rocket ride before settling down into a mellow buzz that completely saturates both the mind and the body. Perfect!

Why Go Slow When You Can Go Fast? Buy Your Auto Massassin Seeds Now!

NB: Think an Automatic Massassin grow would be over so fast you can get away with it? Don't bet on it! Germination & cultivation are illegal in the UK, come with stiff penalties, and both are strictly prohibited by the rules at Rhino Seeds!

1 Seed
3 Seeds
5 Seeds
10 Seeds
Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Height Notes
THC Notes
Cannabis Genetics
Monster Mass x AK47 x CMC Big Bud Auto
Outdoor Yield
70-100 g/per plant
Indoor Yield
450 g/m2

To create Auto Massassin Cannabis Seeds, Critical Mass Collective reached deep into their vault of breeding stock and pulled out an original AK-47 to pair with their signature Monster Mass and unreleased Big Bud Auto. Combined, this mix is a real powerhouse with freaky-fast 55-day finishes. Blink and you could miss it! By the end, these weed seeds are capable of reaching up to 450 gr/m2 inside with a whopping 20% THC rating. How can you possibly take a pass on this CMC exclusive?

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Contains AK-47 Genes
  • Fast, Potent, Hi-Yielding

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Before the Critical Mass Collective was even a gleam in Critical Lee's eye, this highly respected breeder fell in love with the legendary Critical Mass strain. Of course, he couldn't pass on the chance to improve on perfection, so he soon tweaked CM until he came up with Monster Mass, a new hybrid with even more yield & more power than it's infamous mom. Today, you can take advantage of all that hard work and pick up your own Critical Mass Collective feminized and AutoFem seeds. You'd be crazy not to!