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Auto Massassin thumbnail

Auto Massassin

A Candied-Lemon Killer with 20% THC!

Auto Massassin only needs 55 days from seed to accomplish her final objective, and the results will blow you away: 20% THC and 450 gr/m2 of big, fat, greasy buds!

  • Very Stable & Easy - Beginner Friendly
  • A Trainable AutoFem - Bend & Crimp
Auto Masszar thumbnail

Auto Masszar

19% THC, 550 gr/m2, 70 Days or Less!

A little Big Bud Auto is all it took to turn this Automatic Afghani into a potent bud factory with high yields, full flavours, filter-busting aromas and a <70 day finish from seed. Incredible!

  • Strong, Happy Highs - A Potent Creeper
  • Emerald Green with Flashes of Blue
Auto Mendo Mass thumbnail

Auto Mendo Mass

Bright Purple Buds with 19% THC!

This fully autoflowering strain is a real beauty with serious power & generous yields. You won't go without with Auto Mendo Mass - 550 gr/m2 in 80 days or less!

  • Powerful Relaxant - Sedating
  • Complex Flavours & Aromas
Auto Monster Mass thumbnail

Auto Monster Mass

Nothing Lost for Speed - 20% THC!

With power & yield that compares well to her photoperiod mom, Auto Monster Mass is a savage beast with killer couchlock that'll hold you down for hours. Intense!

  • Up to 800 gr/m2 Inside
  • 70 to 80 Days from Seed
Auto Purple Skunk Mass thumbnail

Auto Purple Skunk Mass

Plenty of Speed, Lots of Colour!

Auto Purple Skunk Mass Seeds get the job done in just 60 days from the start with an amazing show of colour plus a whopping 18% THC. Yes, please!

  • Hard-Hitting Indica
  • Amazing Taste & Smell!
Auto Sour Melon Mass thumbnail

Auto Sour Melon Mass

Candy-Like Flavour, 20% THC & 670 gr/m2!

Oozing with the essence of sweet cantaloupe & honey-dew melon, CMC's Auto Sour Melon Mass is a real treat in every single way. Yields & potency are top rate!

  • Short Nodes for Tons of Buds
  • Deep Stone with an Anxiety-Free High
Monster Mass thumbnail

Monster Mass

Savage Power with 800 gr/m2 Yields Inside!

Monster Mass by Critical Mass Collective is not only strong, she's wicked fast too. This killer can deliver over-the-top yields as fast as 45 days after the switch to 12/12. Amazing!

  • Recommended for Outdoors - 900+ gr/seed!
  • Sweet Fruit Flavours & Aromas
Moonshine Mass thumbnail

Moonshine Mass

Mind-Altering Sativa with 22% THC!

This powerful Sativa is an intoxicating mix of Monster Mass and Old School Haze with soaring THC levels, astounding yields and a clear, daytime high that's guaranteed to keep your motor running.

  • Up to 600 gr/m2 Inside with a 60-65 Day Finish
  • Fat, Sticky Buds - Silvery Blue & Coated with Resin
Psychotropic Mass thumbnail

Psychotropic Mass

Medical-Grade Weed & Plenty of It!

Psychotropic Mass mixes the legendary Cannatonic with Monster Mass for high CBD levels & even higher yields. The flavour is a tempting mix of citrus, caramel & honey!

  • Sativa-Dominant with Lots of Branching
  • Tight & Dense with Plenty of Sparkle
Purple Skunk Mass thumbnail

Purple Skunk Mass

Hoarders Take Note - 850 gr/seed!

For a real drought-buster, go with Purple Skunk Mass. This 100% feminized seed pumps out up to 850 gr/seed and still reaches 22% THC with full-bodied flavours & aromas. She's a real beauty, too!

  • Sticky & Pungent Straight Through the Cure
  • Euphoric & Up, Slightly Racy & Very Motivating
Super Mutant Mass thumbnail

Super Mutant Mass

Solid Power, Astronomical Yields!

With X-Men-like precision, Super Mutant Mass exceeds all expectations with 20% THC & up to 900 gr/seed in yield. She's a trouble-free powerhouse that you can't pass up!

  • Oily & Bursting with Resin
  • Positive, Uplifting, Clear Headed
Showing 1-11 of 11

Critical Mass Collective Started the First Open-Source Breeding Program!

Critical Lee started off much like you and me. He was a normal bloke who loved cannabis and enjoyed trying his hand at different strains. When he came across Critical Mass, he fell in love, but soon wanted to improve on this already impressive breed. And, improve he did - that's how he came up with Monster Mass.

From there, he freely handed out his new cannabis seeds to friends, both online and off, so that they could try it out. Soon, the forums were abuzz, and new Monster Mass hybrids started to emerge. Together, this crew formed the Critical Mass Collective to bring you some of the strongest, highest yielding, most attractive, and most effective genetics on the planet. What's not to love about that?

  • All Genetics Based on Critical Mass
  • Tested for the Highest Level of Quality
  • 100% Organic & Bred in Small Batches

Today, Critical Mass Collective releases just a few new weed seeds each year, and their loyal fan base holds their collective breath in anticipation every time. So far, they've only got a handful of strains, but there's plenty of variety and something to please everyone, regardless of tastes. Our favourite? Monster Mass is awesome, but Moonshine Mass and Auto Sour Melon Mass are hard to beat. Let's just say you won't find a bad bean in this bunch!

And, if you do have a problem, you can turn to the Critical Mass Collective for help. They're a friendly bunch, but they've also went the extra mile and put unique serial numbers on every single pack of 100% feminized seeds they sell. That way, they can trace anything that happens back to the original batch. Now, that's dedication!

Buy Your Genuine Critical Mass Collective Seeds at Rhino Seeds - You'll Love Them!